T-Bucket vs. DCup


It is 2020 and with the release of a few new products at the end of last year, there are also new questions arising. The end of 2019 saw the introduction of the Tsunami vaporizer, a new flagship "concentrate vaporizer" that includes a 30mm banger, one that was customized for this device specifically.

After reaching out to our NewVape followers on Instagram with a dialog video, we came to the conclusion that this banger should become its own thing. Hence, the TBucket was introduced.

The truth is, the DCup has been proven to kick ass. It is a reliable, awesome-looking banger that holds AND protect your 30mm dish from falling out with its lid. It is also lightweight which should be an important consideration when matching it up with smaller rigs. 

However, In its short lifespan we have come to find that the TBucket, because of its limited contact spots, tends to remain cooler toward the joint side, so it'll protect your glass rig by staying cooler and the bucket will remain somewhat isolated. Consequently, you will experience cooler vapor. 

In addition, this phenomenon has led to extreme low-temp performance. In some cases even down to < 400F, which is pretty incredible, and tasty...

The Tbucket also has a lot more heft to it, its bigger and longer and has an open bucket. So these are things to consider as well when matching with smaller rigs. It is likely this will tip it over.

Perhaps we are biased, but we are really happy with both, but for different reasons. Now, it is up to you what you do with this information. As usual, feel free to call for some techie chat. We are sure able to set you on the right path. 



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