Tbucket Auber Heat Test



As demonstrated in this video The tBucket with SIC dish can be dabbed on in approximately 3:15 min. This is when the dabbing surface of the carbide dish is at my personal favorite 400F. At approximately 10:00 min the tBucket normalizes at 500F. This 100 deg delta difference can easily be added to the pid to reflect the real time dabing surface temperature. Some have asked before why don't we just program that delta at the factory?  imo it's like trying to factory tune a guitar. There are many variables that might require re tuning. Like switching between a flat coil and a 20mm coil, changing bangers. It's best that the customer learns how to tune their own device to achieve optimal results. Laser temp guns won't work. It's best to use a kwire temp probe that doesn't require holding by hand. My wire has been strapped around the neck of the pipe with a rubber band. These can be found on amazon for around $25 Once the tBucket is up to temp it can remain powered on for extended periods of time. This is assuming it's in a safe environment. This auber pid has a built in shutoff timer that also can be modified or disabled. Never leave a hot enail unattended. 



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