B-Zero (3430)

2-17-22 Rev B

We removed the machined screen (extra mass) and replaced with a second 5/8 double weave screen located directly below the coil. As observed in our injector series the balls beneath the coil seem to take away performance. I'm getting great clouds at 580F with 3mm balls  

Link to Ring Pliers

Replacement Locking Ring




2-7-22 Rev A

Over the past few months we have seen incredible innovation in the thermal extraction device space, so much that it has made a huge leap in how we are seeing this technology. 

In our own lineup, we have seen the discontinuation of the Vrod and Weedeater heads which were mainstays for years, only to open the way for the "B" line of heads, namely, the B1 and B2 heads. This line of heads features a hollowed out body so that it can be filled with balls (terp pearls). These come in different materials (Ruby, Sapphire, SiC, Quartz, Boro etc) and they all seem to offer a slightly different experience. Not to mention the fact that you can use 3mm and 4mm sizes for even more options. 

In the past few weeks we have seen a pretty significant influx of DIY ideas and devices in the space that have certainly made us stop and think about this approach. Many conversations in our Discord Server have certainly sparked our interest and we thought we'd try our hand at it. SlikRick on our Discord certainly made us take a closer look at this but the original DIY idea was one that included our very own 18mm post by Secreagent some time ago on FuckCombustion.com. 

Our working prototype as of now has been named the B-ZERO and it is a piece that spawned from the 18mm Shovelhead male post, only it has been spruced up to not only work with a 20mm coil but also have given it a machined screen. It is able to hold about 237 x 3mm balls or 90 x 4mm and have included a way to secure the screen at the top with a spring clip. 

After hours of testing we have concluded that the B Zero is a useable design. It does require that the pid be set at a higher temperature than the B1 or B2. One of the design objectives here was to help new customers get started with a smaller investment and build their flowerpot system as their budget allows. We feel the lack of the coil cover is where the difference lies. The next step is to test the addition of the old showerhead coil cover. Although the addition of the second coil cover will drive the price to be closer to the B1 range. We will make a small batch of these and see how well they're accepted. 

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  • R3 on

    I’ve been getting daily use from the b-zero, after a friend recommendation, for the past few weeks now.

    Noticable headie experience compared to oil pens.
    Hitting the water pipe is a smooth experience all while being chill from start to finish.
    Equipment quality is solid, so far.

    I look forward to a b-zero mod line-up. :)


  • Gareth Worgan on

    Hi loving the b zero but have found some tweaks, and also a dual use for the product, if you have coil turned opposite way to picture above, the weight distribution is so much better. This also makes it function by using the rear as mesh baller head on the shovelhead bowl you have to keep hold not hands free but it hits great, possibly machine behind retainer clip to get a better fit. Thanks I have some pictures if they may help have a great day happy vaping.

  • Steve on

    Loving the BZero so far!!! Awesome entry level to the Flowerpot way of life. Any idea when we might be able to upgrade our BZero with the showerhead?

  • Steve on

    Are we able to use the Flowerpot Shovelhead here with the BZero head?

  • Steve on

    So this is different from the TiTi that uses only a $20 shovelhead post from cannabis hardware exactly how? It’s literally the exact same thing as the DIY TiTi except it uses a 20mm coil and a $40 CH part rather than a $20 part. You’re still providing your own injector chamber…the entire operation is exactly the same as the TiTi. I mean, I already purchased the parts to build the B-Zero, don’t get me wrong. But from the looks of the photos the BZero is exactly the same as the cheap DIY version in function just with a fancier stand etc. It’s pretty much $300 to have a fancier TiTi that functions exactly the same but isn’t DIY. Yeah, this is why ball vapes are changing for the cheaper. Not much too them.

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