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The relationship between Cannabis Hardware and Troy from 420 Vapezone has been extensive and fruitful. Throughout the years we have seen each others brands grow exponentially. Here at Cannabis Hardware, we are extremely proud to not only be part of his journey, but to see his continued success. 

Troy has become the biggest voice in the Thermal Extraction corner of the cannabis industry. Advocating for thermal extraction over combustion and for being the one stop for information about the latest extraction devices on the market as well as accessories. 

Entertaining and unbiased reviews are what make him so valuable. He is a trustworthy source for all things "thermal extraction" and his viewers largely trust his opinion on what devices perform well and how. He has also dedicated a portion of his efforts towards information on growing and harvesting herbs. 

Some of his early work, many years ago, was reviewing some of our very own accessories, including our many Pax Accessories, Fine Grinders, and finally with the Flowerpot that he became very fond of, at the time was the Showerhead. His review on the Showerhead was one of the funniest videos I had ever seen. Check it out HERE

Fast forward to 2022 and we are now in the era of the "ball vape", Troy being largely responsible for bringing this update to light in modern times (check out his very own ball vape timeline).

Whether he knows it or not, Troy is largely responsible for the advancement and innovation happening in our little corner of the industry. We can only hope our relationship continues to grow and flourish along with the industry.

Troy and I spoke in passing through our Discord about a possible collaboration and, of course, we had to run with it. An amazing idea! Now, customers will have access to his favorite Cannabis Hardware setup which has always been just a reach away on his desk. 

We are very proud to present the Cannabis Hardware/420 Vapezone B-Zero bundle. 

The first batch of this bundle will be offered with a custom designed "straight fab" style rig, which is very much modeled after his favorite straight fab rig, with a few modifications to improve on airflow and stability, this first batch is limited. 

It will be based around the B-Zero head and Troy's favorite Cannabis Hardware accessories, all these will be preassembled with 3mm balls. 

We will also include a commemorative "dog tag" to pay tribute to this collaboration. 

But it will not be the last of it. We will be expanding the offering to more bundles than just the B-Zero, to more complete, "dream" setups and different options, and they will all be personally curated by the man himself. So keep your eyes open for those in the near future!

Check out the listing HERE

Check out Troy's video talking about this bundle. 


 And check out some pictures of this sexy bundle. 


Enjoy! and as usual, shoot any questions you may have my way. 





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