Flowerpot BZero "420 Vapezone" Signature Bundle
Flowerpot BZero "420 Vapezone" Signature Bundle
Flowerpot BZero "420 Vapezone" Signature Bundle
Flowerpot BZero "420 Vapezone" Signature Bundle

Flowerpot BZero "420 Vapezone" Signature Bundle

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The long-awaited collaboration!

Troy and 420 Vapezone has been one of the biggest and influential voices for thermal extraction in the industry for many years. He is a huge advocate for dry herb extraction and has been a partner of Cannabis Hardware for a very long time. 

This bundle is a direct collaboration between Troy and Cannabis Hardware to bring you a Signature Bundle curated by the man himself. 

If you follow Troy, you know his rig of choice is the famed "Straight Fab" rig that makes an appearance on many of his videos. We have been able to source a custom Straight Fab Style rig that meets the performance and aesthetic of this style rig. 

Along with the rig, He has personally chosen the Flowerpot BZero with 3mm Rubies as his favorite for its incredible performance and comfortable and ergonomic feel. 

Additionally, he picked out his favorite Cannabis Hardware accessories to compliment the bundle to ensure a great all-in-one set up with safety in mind. 

All bundles will ship with a commemorative "dog tag" paying tribute to this collaboration and long standing relationship between both brands. 

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 This bundle includes:

  • Flowerpot BZero Head Assembly (7015)
  • 3mm Ruby Balls (9422-3MM)
  • Enail Handle (2943)
  • Auber PID Controller (9319)
  • Auber PID  Aluminum Housing (3329)
  • Hangar Heat Shield (3478)
  • Curved Adapter (3437)
  • Insulated Heat Post (3196)
  • 20mm XLR Coil (9322)
  • Elev8 18mm Injector Glass Bowl (9432)
  • Nighthawk 12" "Straight Fab" Style Rig (9442)
  • Commemorative 420 Vapezone/Cannabis Hardware Dog Tag 

About the Nighthawk "Straight Fab Style" Rig

  • Height: 11.5" - 12-75"
  • Seed of like Perc
  • 18.8mm Female Joint
  • 32 Hole Diffusion
  • Emerald Green Color. 
  • Large 4.5" Base
  • Wide 1.75" Mouth Piece.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best hitting ever

Even a bit pricey and shipping fee to Europa still best desktop vape ever.
Thank you to making it possible to have this thing.

Vape clouds!!!!!

This bundle was amazing ! It's a little pricey because I'm in Canada, but it's definitely a great experience. The flavor and vapor production is far beyond any personal dry herb vape I have ever had the pleasure of trying. Cost me about 1200 after duties and conversion to Canadian dollars. At least my weed will last ne 10× longer 😃