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Conduction vs. Convection Vaporizers 

To understand the differences between the session vapes and on demand vapes one must first understand the heating principles of Convection vers Conduction heating.

Conduction / Session Vapes 

Conduction / Session Vapes directly heat the material in an oven bowl like the mighty, pax, volcano, ghost and cool air is forced thru the heated material to produce vapor. If your loading the material into an oven and waiting on it to heat up it's likely a Conduction style vaporizer. To best utilize the Conduction / session Vapes one should only load enough material for that single heat up cycle. There is a degradation of material's effects with each incremental reheat. 

Convection / On demand Vapes 

Convection / On demand Vapes Heat an external element ideally away from the material. Convection Vapes work on a principle of heating the air not the material. Convection Vapes are best for on demand as the material is left in tact when the heat is removed. The line of newvape flowerpot vaporizers are designed to work on a Convection Principal. However if you leave the heated head on top of the bowl for a period of time conduction begins.

Varying Results 

Some people find varying effects with these different vaping approaches. I personally believe the flavors and material utilization is better with Convection on demand style vaporizers.

Fine Grind

Fine Grind It's been our experience that all vaporizers will benifit from finely ground material. Much like finely ground espresso coffee the surface area of the material is increased when ground finer. This will provide more dense clouds.


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