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As you might have noticed in yesterday's email, we have started a new prototype section of the website.

If you didn't get an email then this is your sign to get on our email list (you can sign up on our homepage). 

Our main goal at Cannabis Hardware is to create the latest innovations in cannabis consumption and vaporization technology, maintaining the highest quality possible through in-house manufacturing. Traditionally, we design a new part, and keep it at the shop, testing its use vigorously over a long period of time. The issue with this method is, as with all of our products, two different people can try the exact same part and have a completely different experience. This is mainly because our parts performances are heavily dependent on the user. Draw speed/strength, personal preference with open airflow vs restricted airflow, amount and specific strains of flower or concentrates, different glass: these are just a few factors that heavily impact the use of any of the flowerpot and dabbing products we manufacture. 

So what's the solution to this innovation dilemma? 

We have decided to open up our product testing to our customers. This will allow for us to innovate in real time with genuine feedback and input from the people who are truly important: our customers!

Why do we let anyone with the link buy prototypes instead of having a ‘secret testing group’?

We feel it is best to leave product testing open to anyone who wants to participate. Who are we at CH to decide who is worthy of testing new products? Any one of our customers has the potential to give great insight and feedback and we appreciate you all equally. If you are excited to get your hands on some new stuff then we are excited to have you.

How does it work?

We will release SMALL batches of new products in the prototype section of the website. These prototypes will be 30% off for as long as they are available in this section. Anyone can buy our prototypes but must be able to understand that these prototypes are potentially still works in progress. Products can be added or removed from this section at any time. All prototypes will still be high quality and manufactured in our shop but come with no standard warranty. 

This new procedure will hopefully speed up our testing process and allow for us to innovate at a faster rate. But more importantly it will result in a more customer focused design. Customers now have the ability to engage with product development from the core level. This will allow for us to manufacture products that our customers truly want, not just what we want to sell them. In order to keep this process working smoothly it will be important for us to receive honest feedback from all of our customers who purchase prototypes. Results achieved from testing prototypes and recommendations for new products are welcome. Discussion of these products will mostly take place in our discord. You can also email with any input or questions you may have about prototypes. 

The first prototype drop: Baller Nut and Baller Screen -

The first prototypes we released went very well. 

The Screen Baller sold out within a matter of hours. We designed this part after a few requests from customers to make a baller head with some more airflow to accommodate smaller rubies. We imagine some customers will prefer this diffuser due to its more open airflow, while others will prefer the standard baller diffuser which provides a more restrictive airflow. It will be up to our customers to understand their personal preferences with airflow restrictions and experiment with what they prefer. Both heads, the standard and screen baller, are very customizable and similar results can potentially be achieved with either. 

The Baller Nut was designed after customers' requests for a nut that would block pearls from falling out of the top of the Baller head. The success of the baller nut can be directly attributed to great communication between the customers and the CH team on discord. We are very proud to bring this product to life.

What if I don't want to test products? 

After products pass through the prototype section they will make their way to the main section of the website. If they make it this far it means that the part has both approval from the CH team and approval from the prototype testers. If you prefer to purchase products that are fully tested then you can continue to buy from the main section of our website.

What’s coming next?

We have many new exciting products coming to the prototype section soon. I will continue to announce prototype drops in our email newsletter. One product you should see in our prototype section in the upcoming weeks is our long awaited all-in-one flowerpot as depicted here on Instagram:

I hope that you all enjoy the direction we are taking our company. Our number one goal is to continue manufacturing high quality products with customer focused design. Innovating the cannabis industry one product at a time. 

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