Prototypes & New Products

Hello, if you have made it to this page it is because you are an integral part of the Cannabis Hardware product development process. We have created this page after countless requests from customers to test prototypes and get involved with what we do at the shop. This page will house products that have been manufactured but are not quite ready to hit the main section of the website. Anyone is welcome to purchase any of the products below but we request that you give us your honest feedback when testing these products. If you have tested a product and have feedback, or have a request for a product that you would like to see manufactured please email 

  • Products found within this section are sold in limited quantities at 30% off their final list price. 
  • Items found here are subject to change without notice at any time. 
  • There are no warranties for any prototypes. 
  • Wholesalers cannot purchase anything found within this section.

Thank you for working with us to develop the next generation of Cannabis Hardware.


Use code: prototype at checkout for 30% off of all products listed below