New Vape Blog- NewVape FlowerPot - Vrod or WeedEater?

It is no question that the Flowerpot has risen in popularity over the past year or so. Reddit, Fuck Combustion and Instagram seem to be amazing sources for finding the newest and latest tech for 420 vaping. 

I see folks on Reddit asking the community to chime in on what new vape they should be getting. Among the common answers, the Flowerpot seems to always be a top choice. Once they are convinced that the FlowerPot is the way to go, the next question is naturally, I get the Weedeater or the Vrod??? 

As far as we are concerned (here at NV), the answer would relate more toward budget vs versatility rather than than performance. 

See, if you look at the Weedeater head, you will find that it is pretty much a Vrod with a dish-less top. This difference does create some questions about performance. Truth is, the only difference that we ever found in testing is that the reduction in mass requires more heat to retain the same temps. 

There might be debate on whether this variance in temperature has any influence on performance. But we do not think so, there is no evidence from a testing perspective that this would be the case. At the end of the day, it is all about the temperature of the air that hits the bowl. The Weedeater produces the same great taste when vaping dry herbs. But let us know if you feel differently!

Taste being equal, the Vrod holds a slight edge on the Weedeater strictly based on versatility, due to its ability to work with concentrates. Remember the Weedeater was designed to be a flower-only version of the VROD.

Then there is the cost factor, the Weedeater will save you some money if all you are after is the flower vaping experience. 

As a side note: neither flowerpot "requires" a carb cap if you are only vaping dry herbs but it is sure a great tool to have in order to assist in vapor production and of course, if you are vaping concentrates on the Vrod. 

I conclude by saying that either choice will be a good one. Truth is, a head like the Weedeater was indeed created to offer a more budget friendly way into the FlowerPot eco-system while the Vrod remains the flagship unit that carries the proverbial FlowerPot Torch for being a Twax Vaporizer. 

See you on the flip side. 


PS I'll leave you with some cool pictures I took today... Cheers!






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