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New Vape Blog- Introducing the MAX VAPOR platform to the family of NV devices...

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It's tough to ignore the fact that we have all been affected in one way or another by what the pandemic has brought to the world. As a business, we count our blessings and feel very fortunate that we are able to keep our doors open.

The uncertainty of the future has forced to think outside the box (or rather inside it). NewVape has begun a campaign of sourcing every part of our systems from the USA. While we understand this will take some time, we feel it is necessary. This way, we can not only bring the quality standard to a new level, but feel safe in the acquisition of supplies for our products. 

Enter the MaxVapor era! We have added the MaxVapor platform to our line of PID controllers. MaxVapor is completely made in the USA and brings a new level of technology to our platform. 

The MaxVapor BT has wifi and bluetooth capabilities that allow the user remote access and also features user profiles that can be saved and recalled anytime. Outside of this, there is a level of customization that the max vapor allows by changing screen savers and even naming your unit!

We are proud to announce the addition to these to our Tsunami vaporizer, called the MaxVapor Tsunami Vaporizer. The Max Vapor PID technology is the perfect compliment to the craftsmanship and design of the Tsunami. 

Along with the Tsunami, we have also made a collaboration piece in creating the MaxVapor/NV PID controller. This unit includes all the MaxVapor technology into a NV style casing that doubles as a stand for all of our vaporizer systems (FlowerPot, Tbucket, DCup, etc).

We consider this to be yet another positive step in innovation and hope that you will be able to enjoy these for years to come!

We are keeping an "interest list" that will be notified when these devices enter the production phase. So if you are interested in getting on the list, please email with the device you are interested in. 


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