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About Vaping with the FlowerPot

This is a guide for achieving the best results with the FlowerPot according to its design intent and through years of experience, development and collaborations with our beloved FlowerPot owners.
In an effort to achieve the best experience with the FlowerPot we ask that our customers familiarize themselves with the following key points. 

Fundamental Key Points for using the Flowerpot. 

Use a Fine Grind: The finer the grind, the denser the clouds and happier the patient. We have made a special 2 piece grinder to achieve this fine grind. Multi Level grinders don’t produce a fine enough grind. The arm band grinder can be customized with any 3” by ½” armband. It should be cleaned weekly with hot dish soap and a firm bristle brush. The importance of fine grind can also be realized by comparing coffee to espresso where the difference is mostly in the fineness of the grind. Not all vaporizers can handle extra fine material. The titanium screen used in the flowerpot bowl has been custom made for this application. 

Initial Heat Up Time: The Flowerpot requires 3-5 min to get to temperature. In the beginning please allow a full 5 minutes for the head to completely heat soak. Once the Flowerpot is hot it can remain safely parked on the stand for hours. Most customers (including me) leave theirs on all day. Please allow 5 min for any temp adjustments to normalize. 

Draw Speed/Lung Capacity: The faster the air goes thru the flowerpot head the less hot it will be when it hits the material. Resulting in reduced / poor vapor production. We suggest a slow to medium draw speed for ideal vapor. This technique will take you a couple of days to perfect. The ultimate goal is to vaporize the material to the edge of combustion with no coughing. Please remember the AVB (Already Vaped Bud) can be used to make some amazing edibles so don’t throw that away. 

On Demand Vape: The secret sauce of the flowerpot is it’s ability to deliver a traditional bong rip without combustion. The traditional bong rip with a bic lighter is the ultimate “on demand” experience. We have designed the flowerpot with this traditional bong rip experience in mind. Add the heat only when you’re drawing in. Just like you would with a lighter. Place the heated head back on the safety stand between draws. 

Open Eco System: The flowerpot vaporizer system is designed to be compatible with all standard glass pipes. This open architecture design of the flowerpot is intended to allow customers to go out and collect different glass pipes without worrying about compatibility. Each time a different glass pipe is used it’s like having a brand new vape. The electronics are also based around a industry standard 20mm enail. Nothing proprietary.
If you have any suggestion that you feel we should add to this, feel free to contact us at support@newvape,.com

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