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XLR Quick Disconnect Plug.


Although many enail manufacturers use this connection not all share the same wiring. It's best to try and purchase the coil from the manufacturer of the enail controller. If that's not possible try and get the wiring diagram of their plug. If a coil is plugged into the controller with the incorrect wiring the coil will short out and be destroyed. Changing the pins around within the plug can be easily done with anyone handy with a soldering iron.


 XLR Quick Disconnect

(Auber, Gimido, Dnail, Disorderly Conduction, PeliNail, NewVape Rev 2, Galaxy Enails)

1 - Power (Blue)
2 - Power (Blue)
3 - Thermocoupler (red)
4 - Thermocoupler (black)
5 - Ground (Yellow)


XLR Quick Disconnect

(HighFive & Menovo )

1 - Thermocoupler
2 - Thermocoupler
3 - ground
4 - Power
5 - Power


XLR Threaded NewVape Legacy Coil Connection

Around 2010 when enails first came out and prior to there being any perceived standards. NewVape selected the older generation xlr threaded connection simply because the pins were larger. Since that decision we've sold thousands of controllers and coils that are still in service. NewVape will remain faithful to our customers by continuing to sell, stock, and support the NewVape Legacy threaded XLR connection. NewVape will continue to stock, and sell 8 coils/heaters that utilize the xlr threaded connection.

Flat, 16mm, 20mm, and cartridge heaters all available in 110 or 220v.


NewVape Legacy Coils with 5 pin Threaded XLR Connection
1 - ground (yellow)
2 - Thermocoupler (Red)
3 - Thermocoupler (Black)
4 - Power (Blue)
5 - Power (Blue)



*This list is a work in progress.  If you have any additions or modifications please email  

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