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PID Controllers - Auber or CH?

As you may be aware, all of our CH devices are enail based. If you do not know what an enail is, it is simply put, a controller and a coil. These two parts have very simple jobs, while controller is in charge of letting power through and controlling the temperature, the coil will be the receptor of this power and will do the heating as well as sending temp readings back to the controller. 

An enail is commonly used in other household appliances like coffeemakers, espresso machines and other home and industrial applications. 

In the case of an enail or an enail based vape, like the ones we offer in our store, these types of controllers will allow you to dial in your ideal temperatures so you can get the most out of your dab/flower.

It is a commonly asked question "what is the difference between the Auber and the CH Controllers?" and so I write this post to shed some light on the subject. 

The best way for me to do so is to give you a short list of pros and cons so you can make your own choice. But regardless of which your choice ends up being, I can tell you, they are both great units!


The Auber RDK300A (and B) Controller is very popular for its user interface. The push/dial button makes dialing in your temps and making changes on the fly a breeze. Additionally, it has an "auto-shut off" feature which in my humble opinion is just great for peace of mind. 

UPDATE 8/12: The latest version of the Auber RDK controller is the 300B which now includes BOOST mode which is a neat feature that allows you to pre program a starting temperature and then, with the press of one button, it will allow you to jump to a different temperature. Such a feature can be a great advantage for doing cool dabs. (Updated manuals are in the Auber listing HERE)

The LED is very clear and the unit is very easy to use and we are even starting to make PID stands and accessories for it as well.

UPDATE 5/22: Some customer feedback has brought to light that these units, as great as they are, will NOT allow for use with Smart Plugs due to the nature of their Power Switch. (NewVape does not encourage the use of these devices for unsupervised, remote Powering of your FlowerPot, please be smart about this)

CH Controller

This controller has been the standard for all CH devices throughout the years, although very basic in its construction and function, it has proven to be very reliable. 

Update 7/22 - We have started shipping the brand new CH PID controllers. This new revision includes an XLR input (same as Auber and Max Vapor) but the elimination of the back standby button (to make room for the new input). As a consequence, your unit will start heating up right away once you press the power button (just like the Auber).

The CH uses a latch type mechanical power switch which allows use with smart plugs. 

Another pro is that the actual PID (the little plastic face that has the screen on it) is actually modular, so replacing it for a new one is not a hard job in case it goes bad on you. This is not an easy task with the Auber. 

Last but not least, I must point out that the CH Controller will cost you less than the Auber unit, so savings is a big pro. 

So lets conclude by saying that although both units have very simple jobs, and they both do it well, the difference between the two really comes down to user experience. If you can deal with little buttons to dial in your settings in exchange for saving yourself a few bucks, then the NV/CH Controller might be for you. If you prefer the user-friendliness of the dial/push knob for quick changes on the fly, the Auber may just be for you.

We have bundles built around both units, so choose the best one for yourself today!


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