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 2/2/21 POSTING

Here at NewVape we are excited to be launching a new product! We have designed a 12v Enail that is completely self contained and portable. This unique Enail is powered by a 12v lithium "power tool" battery.

We have been toying with this concept for some time now but finally got around to making a prototype to play with. The idea is to have either "adapters" or a configuration for different battery platform (Milwaukee, DeWalt etc.)

Regardless, this is a really positive step in the right direction and we wanted to see if you had any input in the design process. 

Let us know what you think about this new product in the comments below. Which battery platform should we use next? 




2/4/21 UPDATE

After some feedback we have created a 3D printed design prototype version of the unit. 

Which version do you prefer and why?


6/23/21 Update - Testing the Milwaukee M18 18v (5Ah) Battery 

Testing took place with the Milwaukee M18 XC 18v (5Ah) battery. We have two of these in the shop and tested them side by side, since these batteries are different ages, we expected different behaviors out of them, even though they are the same battery. You can find that battery HERE

The testing was simple, we connected the 12v coils to the portable units and ran them simultaneously, in the shop. 

The older unit lost power at about the 75 minute mark, whereas the newer lost power around the 90 minute mark. 

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