Baller Head Assembly

If you have been following Troy @ 420 VapeZone then you have probably seen the “B-Rod modification” which is basically the Vrod head filled with tons of little spherical rubies. 

FLOWERPOT V-ROD (B-ROD) - vs - Terp Torch

Filling the head helps the Vrod retain heat and thus allows for vapor production at a lower temperature on the controller. Some other vaporizers who have been known to use ball modifications are the HighLighter by REFC Labs, DCElev8R by 7th Floor, & HotRod by OldHead. Additionally, customers have been filling their personal vaporizers with balls and modifying them by themselves for years. 

Here at Cannabis Hardware we have taken the idea of the ball modification to a whole other level with the latest custom diffuser called the Flowerpot “Baller”. We have bored out the inside of the diffuser to add more room for pearls, rubies, or balls! This allows for our customers to take their Vrod customization to the next level choosing the size and shape of the balls they wish to use. This design also removes some titanium from the air path, allowing for a new change in flavor, and change in vapor production!

The baller head comes with a screen to hold the balls inside of the head. We recommend using the baller with 4mm spherical terp pearls, these are available for sale with the baller head. The baller can only be used with the Vrod top, not the Weedeater. Join our discord to continue the discussion on the baller head. 




Overview of baller head.


Vrod Head Vs. Baller Head


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