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Flowerpot B-ZERO Head  (7015)
Flowerpot B-ZERO Head  (7015)
Flowerpot B-ZERO Head  (7015)
Flowerpot B-ZERO Head  (7015)
Flowerpot B-ZERO Head  (7015)
Flowerpot B-ZERO Head  (7015)
Flowerpot B-ZERO Head  (7015)
Flowerpot B-ZERO Head  (7015)
Flowerpot B-ZERO Head  (7015)

Flowerpot B-ZERO Head (7015)

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* If you purchase this and a coil separately, please leave a note to staff during the order process, if you would like it assembled. (both items must be in your order)

The Flowerpot B-Zero is the latest iteration of the "B" series of heads. This time, it is a single piece "ball" device inspired by the different DIY devices appearing in the community, namely the DIY device put together by "secreagent" which involved our CH 18mm posts and a 16mm coil. 

We removed the machined screen (extra mass) and replaced with a second 5/8 double weave screen located directly below the coil. We also increased the mass to fit one of our 20mm flowerpot coils. As observed in our injector series the balls beneath the coil seem to take away performance. We are getting great clouds at 580F with 3mm balls.

100 x 3mm Rubies will work well

40 x 4mm Rubies will work well

Recommended heat settings:

580F-Long draw/most flavor 

600F-Shorter draw/harsher hit

* The B Zero is to be used with a 20mm coil. Coil sold separately. 

** The BZero will work with Shovelhead Rev J. (1/17/22) Any previous shovelheads will be too wide. 




(7015) Includes:

- B Zero Head (3430)

- Spring Clip (9429)

- 5/8" Titanium Screen x2 (9375)


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
My only rig!

What I love most is when used with a tall bowl it can sit like this for hours at full heat, one .5g bowl per evening, all set!

Brian Watts

Everything was as it said. Perfect craftsmanship, fair prices, and early delivery! Not to mention the B0 knocked my socks off!

Best investment ever

First off SO GLAD I GOT THE LAST ONE! Second, I normally have a little bit of buyer's remorse after buying a vape. Not this time. 110% worth every single penny. What a time we live in hahahahaha

This rips!

I am in love! All of my years consuming the cannabis and we are finally here fam! The flavor is awesome. I'm about to get my husband one so he can stop using mine!

Worth it!

As the other reviews rave, this is a really great revision of the flowerpot. I just took my first hit off it after a year of using the flowerpot B1/B2 and hands down I think I like this best.

If I had one complaint, it's that there could be a tiny little gasket/riser that fills the little gap made by the end of the 20mm heating coil(at least, the one I have has a little gap and it makes it rattle just a little bit).