Flat NV Coil - XLR Connection ::DISCLAIMER::

Flat NV Coil - XLR Connection ::DISCLAIMER::

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  • Flat Enail Coil for DCup and TBucket systems
  • Braided Kevlar Sheath Protects Wires
  • Velcro Strap
  • 100w coil
  • 110v Works in North America
  • 220v Works in UK, EU, AU
  • Works with Auber RDK 300B and current NV PID Controller Rev 2
  • 5 Clockwise Wraps
  • 30 day warranty only applies to customers that have purchased their pid from NewVape.

**Note many enail manufacturers use the same 5 pin xlr connector although they are not all wired the same. These coils are only guaranteed to work with pid controllers purchased at NewVape. Plugging this coil into a HIGH FIVE enail box will result in destroying the coil.     

Here is the pinout of this coil. 
1 - Power (Blue)
2 - Power (blue)
3 - Thermocoupler (red)
4 - Thermocoupler (black)
5 - ground (yellow)

220V available upon request. 

110v NorthAmerica - 9371

220v International - 9370