Standard Zenleaf Ball Vape Handle

2.5" Standard Zenleaf Handle (9467)

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Introducing the Standard Handle for your Zenleaf ball vape. These perfectly crafted 2.5" handles are specifically designed to elevate your vaping experience with our wireless ball vape flower diffusers.

Their precision engineering ensures seamless compatibility, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable vaping session every time. It's worth noting that these handles share the same 10-24 thread size as many of our popular accessories. This makes them an essential addition to your vape setup.

The extended double-sided 3-16 Medical Grade Stainless screw boasts an ingenious design. This features a wood thread on one end and a 10-24 machine screw on the other. This thoughtful construction ensures that the handle is compatible with a diverse range of CH products. Such as the Shovelhead Bowl and Universal Carb Cap, and all of our Wireless Ball Vapes providing you with unmatched versatility.

This adaptability makes the handle an essential and adaptable accessory, offering both convenience and functionality for discerning vape enthusiasts who seek the best possible vaping experience.

*Flower Diffusers not included. 

Rev History

  • OG - Was bore wood handle with a 10-24 screw and collar. This version charred. 
  • Rev A - Added a longer screw and a heat sink to counteract the heat transfer. Replaced customers handles with this. 
  • Rev B - Redesign to a solid handle and a double sided screw, one side wood screw, the other a 10-24 machine thread with an extended arm to create distance from the heat source


Customer Reviews

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Geoff S.
Great upgrade to the original handle

Awesome upgrade from the original handle