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Weed Bowl Injector Pass-Through
Weed Bowl Injector Pass-Through
Weed Bowl Injector Pass-Through

CH Injector Pass-Through Bowl (Choose Size)

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Introducing the revolutionary glass pass-through weed bowl for injector-style heads! Tired of the hassle of removing your injector head or bowl every time you want to carb your hit? Say goodbye to that inconvenience with our innovative solution. This specially designed glass pass-through weed bowl allows you to effortlessly carb your hit without any interruptions, making your vaping experience smoother and more enjoyable.

With this new glass pass-through weed bowl, you can say hello to convenience and goodbye to frustration. Its clever design ensures that you can easily adjust airflow without disrupting your vaping session. This means no more interruptions, no more fumbling with parts, and no more wasted time.

Whether you're a seasoned cannabis vaper or new to the game, this glass pass-through weed bowl is a game-changer. It's designed to make your vaping experience more seamless and enjoyable. No more hassles, just smooth, flavorful, uninterrupted hits every time.

Experience the difference for yourself and upgrade your vaping setup with the glass pass-through weed bowl for injector-style heads. Say hello to convenience and simplicity, and elevate your vaping experience today! 

  •  The listing is for the glass bowl only. The picture is for illustration purposes only.

14mm - 9452

18mm - 9453

Customer Reviews

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my fav

this is by far my fav injector bowl to use, logically there's no need for a carb on my bowl on top of having a carb on my water piece, but it's great to have that control. I just use my finger on the bowl carb, then reach for the other carb once I've cleared the bowl/ash catcher

It works?

It works but I wish the bowl was larger. Also, I notice that the b zero will actually expand while hitting and make it difficult to take out unlike other injectors. This may depend on your environment and weather in your location but this isn't my go to bowl, it's the back up.

Great bowl

Works well and it is better than others I have found