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Nova Wireless Enail Station
Nova Wireless Coil
Nova Wireless Station
Nova Wireless Station
Nova Wireless Enail Station
Nova Wireless Enail Station

Nova Wireless Enail Station (3482)

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Introducing Nova - the first cordless cannabis vaporizer base station by Cannabis Hardware. Part of the ZenLeaf series, Nova vapes dry herbs or concentrates. Made of 6061 aircraft aluminum for safety, Nova has a heat shield with two mounting positions. Four pockets on top store accessories for easy access.

How to use: 

To enjoy a cord-free enail experience, try using the Whisper base. Here's how it works - simply insert your flower diffuser or 25mm quartz banger into the built-in coil and let it stay hot and ready until you're ready to use it. Once you're ready, you can enhance your vaping experience by using the Whisper base with your shovelhead bowl and bong. Also, you can reuse the flower diffuser multiple times.

  •  220v is available upon request. Please send an email to with your order number. 

All accessories are sold separately, including flower diffusers and bangers, as they are not included.

About ZenLeaf

The Zenleaf series - a new range of wireless enail Cannabis Vaporizers that cater to all your vaping needs. Whether you prefer dry herb or concentrates, we have you covered. The heat shielded base of the device contains a 25mm Axial coil that supplies heat. You can choose between "flower diffusers" or a standard 25mm quartz banger to enhance your vaping experience and enjoy the most flavorful vapor possible.

  • The allen tool size to reposition the heat shield is 5/64"

Safety Instructions:

DO NOT leave device unattended while on. 

* PID Controller not included.

Customer Reviews

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Simon Oehm
Great device

The device works great and looks super amazing. But there are a few things that I think should be improved considering the price tag:
* There is no manual for the device. Some guidance which temperatures to use for which herb would be useful. Also what is the "SET" button doing?
* Using the temperature switches is super cumbersome. There are no temperature presets and there is also no option to jump directly like 10 or 20 Fahrenheit with a single button tap. If you press the buttons too long suddenly the temperature changes completely uncontrollable. Often I only need one temperature when extracing in a single hit but I also like riding different temperatures within a single session and for that case it would be nice to have better temperature control

Amazing and looks great

After a few months of using wired unit from CC i wanted to get away from cables and have something nice I don’t mind leaving out around the living room. Enter the Nova solves my problem, looks amazing, nice storage options for bowls and other goodies. Just wish i went with the two coil unit now that I have both the Mary and Jane

one word, awesome!!!!

this is vaping with convenience in mind. if you like the b0, this is a combination of everything good about the quality of the vape, excellent. get rid of your torch , bangers and shovelhead is all you need. no more, this is IT!

Doc Hammer
Nova wireless enail

Looks fantastic, and works perfectly with either the Cannabis Hardware baller head, or the Old Head Terp Hammer. A big part of the cannabis vaporizing experience is the aesthetic quality of the hardware, and this unit is as good as it gets.