Haze Pipe - Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7057) |Cannabis Hardware
Haze Pipe - Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7057)
Haze Pipe - Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7057)
Haze Pipe - Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7057)
Haze Pipe - Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7057)
Haze Pipe - Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7057)
Haze Pipe - Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7057)
Haze Pipe - Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7057)
Haze Pipe - Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7057)

Haze Pipe - Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7057)

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Welcome to Haze!

Haze is a brand new, modular ball vape made specifically to interface with all Flowerpot, Zenleaf and other ball vape products. It features a titanium bowl inspired by our own Shovelhead Bowl but modified to fit the Haze, it is tapered to accommodate both Male and Female (Standard and Injector) formats. 

The implementation of a 5 axis machine in our shop has expanded our capabilities to create more complex designs, both functionally and esthetically. The Haze base is our first 5 axis manufactured piece ever in the CH lineup. 

The Haze base features a sleek design with a CH branded at the bottom. It is also made to fit into the Zenleaf devices' pockets so you can interface it with your Zenleaf products. 

The Two Piece Stem is fitted with O-rings that keep the glass tubing suspended and tight as well as to help and keep an air tight seal. It also is outfitted, along with the mouth piece to retain  two 5/8" screens on both ends of the glass tube. This allows you to customize your resistance and cooling by filling the glass tube with ruby balls. The two-piece stem option comes filled with 4mm balls (high resistance). The smaller the balls, the more resistance you will get.

It is available in right handed and left handed versions (carb position)

Right Handed - Has the carb hole on the right side of the base and is meant for the right handed user that will hold Haze with their left hand while operating their heating element with their right hand. 

Left Handed (shown in photo) - Has the carb hole on the left side of the base. 

- Stem fills with approximately 110 x 4mm rubies. 

- Stem fills with 20-22 x 6mm Rubies. 

- Modular Pipe for Dry Herb Vapes

- Comes with 6mm Rubies (1/17/24)

- Titanium bowl inspired by Shovelhead

- Cooling Glass Tube

- Base and Stem made from 6061 Aluminum. 

- Fitted with High Temperature O-rings. 

- Available in Left Handed and Right Handed Versions. 

- Made in our shop in Boynton Beach, FL.


- Started shipping with 6mm Rubies on 1/26/24

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best there is, another innovation by CH!

I bought the whole shebang when it was first released and I was blown by the functionality and beauty of this beast of a pipe. You have to try yourself, in some ways, I cannot put into words how good this hammer is.

The Vapor is Quite Cool! So is the Device. Flavor is fantastic.

This thing is pretty goddamn incredible. The vapor is quite cool. I've had mmmm about a gram and a half of flower through it and my throat isn't agitated. I haven't coughed any harder or anymore frequently. I am highly medicated. I may have overdone it having fun *shrug*.

I wonder if the shorter air path is increasing the potency, since I believe there's some loss when hitting anything through water.

For what it's worth I've hit it with the Mary from CH with great results, but I think any diffuser of the same size will do the trick.


I've been using ball vapes and running them through water for years. I also tried j hooks, some with beads inside. None of them compare to this. I thought I had blown my tolerance but this proved me wrong. If you smell your flower, that's almost what it will taste like in the haze. I'm absolutely amazed by the flavor I'm getting, nothing else I've ever tried compares. Finally, I really appreciate that these are made right here in America. That the bottom mates with most of the coil heater bases is just another bonus. I haven't tried the 1 piece stem but the 2 piece stem is incredible.