"Hangar" Threaded Basic Heat Stand - CHOOSE OPTIONS
"Hangar" Threaded Basic Heat Stand - CHOOSE OPTIONS
"Hangar" Threaded Basic Heat Stand - CHOOSE OPTIONS

"Hangar" Threaded Basic Heat Stand - CHOOSE OPTIONS

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"Hangar" Threaded Heat Stand with Post

  • Medical Grade 6061 Aluminum Base

  • Titanium Heat Post (3196) for safely storing the hot Flowerpot Head

  • Phenolic Insulator

  • 3" diameter base with Threads to accommodate "Hangar Heat Shield" (3431) 

  • 1/4 - 20 threaded Hole


(7045) Includes:

Threaded Heat Stand Base (3438)

Heat Post with Insulator v3 (3196)

Customer Reviews

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Josh G
Great heat stand, just keep buying more and more

Can’t get enough of these. Helps prevents burns. Have about 5-6 of them. Great heat post. Like to pair with shield. Old style dab setup by cannabis hardware with Sic dish in picture. Works great for flowerpot and dab setup.

Erik Bodin
Works well

This stand works well insulating my b zero. I keep my pid on constantly at 600 and am impressed how much the bottom of the stand dissapates the heat from the countertop. I am sure you could find alternatives but this is nice and serves its purpose. Never will need to replace this, solid materials

Love these things keep buying more and more

Hey there love this heat stand. It is great. It is perfect for the heat shield. Love the two together keep me from burning myself so much. Absolutely love. Buy so many cause have a few FlowerPots in a few different places. Love everything g cannabis hardware does. Really great company.

Because of Troy, I own this 👍

Thanks Troy


This is essential. You must buy the Heat Shield as well.
Highly recommended. One less thing to burn yourself on.
Will not stop you burning yourself on you Ti bowl. 😃 🤣
Really nice, high quality stuff.
Doesn’t even get warm, you could lick it if you want. 😎