Perc Bong by GooRoo Designs
 Perc Bong by GooRoo Designs
Perc Bong by GooRoo Designs
Perc Bubbler by GooRoo Designs

18.8" GooRoo Designs Perc Bubbler (9301)

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The Perc Bubbler by GooRoo is an excellent bong for those who are looking for a high-quality piece. Made from 65mm heavy wall tubing, this glass bong is not only durable but also designed to deliver smooth and flavorful hits. It features an 18.8mm female joint, which fits perfectly with an 18.8mm connection post. With a wide and stable base that measures between 3.5" to 4", this bong is sturdy and suitable for use with Zenleaf, FlowerPot, or other Enails. Standing at around 10" tall (between 9.75" and 10.5"), it is the perfect size for a comfortable grip.

And the best part? It is proudly made in Portland, Oregon, USA, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

  • Fits 18.8mm Connection Post #3098
  • Made in Portland, Oregon. USA. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great piece

Super nice quality glass, great compliment to the B1 or any vape setup. Great size honestly, can take little rip, or go big, very nice investment, not that it was expensive lol

Best Piece, Heavy duty

This is my favorite glass piece to use with the b1. I feel like the volume is good, the disc perc works well to cool off vapor, and it just looks awesome. Very easy to clean as well. If this broke I’d buy the same one again.

Todd Borelli
Great value

This is a great piece. Nice and thick, easy to clean and functions perfect. My only issue is I wish the base was a bit wider. When using a drop down or ash catcher with the bzero or b2 if you rest it on the bowl it will tip over. Found that out the hard way.


This glass is my daily driver and loving it.

The Best Glass for your FlowerPot

I’ve been using a b-1 for about a month now on a smaller rig. Just upgraded to this and from a functional perspective, this is the perfect glass for the b series ball vapes.