FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle

FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle

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The B1 is the replacement for our beloved Weedeater head designed for the flowerpot ecosystem.

We started with the Weedeater head and machined away the inside to accommodate 58 Quartz 4 mm spheres (approx). This design more than doubles the heater's surface area.

Instead of the straight air channels found in the Weedeater, the balls create an obstructed air path forcing the air around the balls resulting in better efficiency. This creates instant vapor!

You are able to customize your experience by using different material balls that are widely available. (Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, SiC)

Using different size, shape, and material balls will change the flavor and performance of the head.



Your search is over - END GAME IS HERE

The Flowerpot is commonly known as the "End Game Device". The FlowerPot has been carefully engineered to give you the hardest vaporized "Bong Rips" in existence today. The design, the quality and the materials have been carefully chosen for an immaculate vapor path. The FlowertPot B1 is designed for flower-only use. 


Everything you need and nothing you don't. If you have a Glass Rig, this bundle will get you vaping right away. Includes both 14mm and 18mm connection posts. The FlowerPot B1 is the premiere desktop Flower vaporizer.
  • Everything You Need In One Bundle Except the Glass
  • Includes connections for 14 and 18mm female glass 
  • Choose between CH Controller or Auber Controller
  • Grade 2 Titanium 
  • Made in the USA
Bundle Includes:
  • B1 Head Assembly (7009)

               - B1 Nut with 3/4" Titanium Screen (3227) 

               - 22mm Diffuser with Screen (3408)

  • Ruby Balls 4mm (9422-4MM)
  • Shovelhead Bowl Assembly (7012)
  • Titanium 3/4" Screen - USA (3103)
  • 18mm Post (3098)
  • 14mm Male Connection Post (3424 for Flat Joints)
  • Threaded Heat Stand (3438) 
  • Insulated Heat Post (3196)
  • CH PID Controller (9089) or Auber RDK Controller (9319)
  • Hemp Wick Enail Handle (2943)
  • 20mm Coil (9322-US, 9323-INT)
  • Power Cord 9250-US (optional 9251-UK, 9252-EU, 9253-AU)

*If you need the 14mm post for recessed joints, please specify in the comments section of your order

If you need help deciding between the CH PID Controller and the Auber Controller, HERE is this helpful article. 

FlowerPot - Cleaning and Disassembly

CH Controller - QUICK START


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Travis Flinn

Lived up to my high expectations. This is great. No more combustion for me.

Things just got real!

I am a long time smoker but extinguished the flame almost two years ago when I started my trip down the vapor trail.
My vape collection is relatively small yet, but does include many of the devices deemed essential and good by those who deem things. I had a heavy hitting desktop called a Hot Rod that I loved, but it recently stopped working. I had seen a lot of videos about this system and had conferred with plenty of users in the 420vapezone Discord who helped me decide what to get and also answered a few questions after I got the B1 I chose. Great resource if you want to learn stuff.
I love how customizable this device is! It is truly a “choose your own adventure” kind of piece. One can choose the size and type of balls they wish to use as well as tip and bowl combinations and other variables make for endless exploration to find that “ Perfect Hit”. There are plenty of accessories to purchase for this system, my first was the heat guard, but I got that after my first burn…
This thing can provide the user with nearly any type of hit they might want and, while it can help sometimes, a fancy technique isn’t really needed with this device. I find that I have been able to get some excellent flavor while getting very impactful hits. I’m a low temp guy so I still pull off some good ABV..
I got the Auber PID and I really like it, but I do wish for a few things. This device does not work with a smart plug, so gone are the days of pulling into the train station, telling Siri ro turn on my vape and walking home to arrive to a pre heated vape… a first world problem. A beep or some sort of notification would be nice to let the user know when the target temp has been met. It would be nice if the display dimmed slightly during the Hot Off phase, and I would like to see some sort of Hot On mode that would inform us how long was remaining until auto shut off.
This is not an inexpensive system and may be a bit much for some, but if a next level experience is what you seek, this may be just what you need!

Do you like bong rips? Well then, read on my friends.

As an old guy I've needed to quit smoking for a while now. Trouble was, while vapes worked, they weren't the same as sitting around ripping bong hits. In retrospect, this idea is so genius I'm a little surprised this wasn't the original solution, instead of vape cannons. So, basically, this is just a vape on a stick you use like a lighter. There's some mass added to help heat retention and the hot side is standard non proprietary stuff (and priced like it, so no shopping around needed), a very nice touch. The key is the chambered head which you assemble around the coil, and the bowl assembly itself (nicely made, nice handle, 14 and 18) which sits on the glass of your choice. Basically indistinguishable from a combustion bong rip, occasional coughs and all, because this thing draws. You can absolutely flat face yourself with an injudicious amount of grind. AND, your glass stays almost pristine, needing the lightest of rinses every so often. I hesitate to give it a star rating unfortunately, simply because I have not sampled any of the competition in the market. Because I didn't need to. In a vacuum: 5 out of 5.

Matthew Esposito
Flower Pot B1 essential

Such an amazing machine. Blows hand held vapes out the water.

I'm in Australia and the shipping was extremely quick only took a week.

Will definitely be purchasing more products from Cannabis Hardware.

Only bad point is shipping is expensive roughly $200 AUD.

Rex Lauffer

I feel young again. 1st time I've been really really stoned again!
Brings me back to the days of not being so immuned. Remember high school smoking black hash oil.
Fantastic Quality. The Best!