FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle
FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle

FlowerPot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle

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The B1 is the replacement for our beloved Weedeater head designed for the flowerpot ecosystem.

We started with the Weedeater head and machined away the inside to accommodate 3MM or 4MM Ruby Pearls. This design more than doubles the heater's surface area.

Instead of the straight air channels found in the Weedeater, the balls create an obstructed air path forcing the air around the balls resulting in better efficiency. This creates instant vapor!

You are able to customize your experience by using different material balls that are widely available. (Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, SiC)

Using different size, shape, and material balls will change the flavor and performance of the head.



Your search is over - END GAME IS HERE

The Flowerpot is commonly known as the "End Game Device". The FlowerPot has been carefully engineered to give you the hardest vaporized "Bong Rips" in existence today. The design, the quality and the materials have been carefully chosen for an immaculate vapor path. The FlowertPot B1 is designed for flower-only use. 


Everything you need and nothing you don't. If you have a Glass Rig, this bundle will get you vaping right away. Includes both 14mm and 18mm connection posts. The FlowerPot B1 is the premiere desktop Flower vaporizer.
  • Everything You Need In One Bundle Except the Glass
  • Includes connections for 14 and 18mm female glass 
  • Choose between CH Controller or Auber Controller
  • Grade 2 Titanium 
  • Made in the USA
Bundle Includes:

  • B1 Head Assembly (7009)

               - B1 Nut  (3227) 

               - 22mm Diffuser with Screen (3408)

  • Ruby Balls 3mm (9422-3MM) (ships with 3MM rubies as of 6/6/23)
  • Shovelhead Bowl Assembly (7012)
  • Titanium 3/4" Screen - USA (3103)
  • 18mm Post (3098)
  • 14mm Male Connection Post (3424 for Flat Joints)
  • Threaded Heat Stand (3438) 
  • Insulated Heat Post (3196)
  • CH PID Controller (9089) or Auber RDK Controller (9319)
  • Aluminum Enail Handle (2943)
  • 20mm Coil (9322-US, 9323-INT)
  • Power Cord 9250-US (optional 9251-UK, 9252-EU, 9253-AU)

*If you need the 14mm post for recessed joints, please specify in the comments section of your order

If you need help deciding between the CH PID Controller and the Auber Controller, HERE is this helpful article. 

FlowerPot - Cleaning and Disassembly

CH Controller - QUICK START


**Rev D - Integrated Machined Screen shipped 9/1/23

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Lifetime combuster, converted to vaping

I had smoked for well over a decade and used combusting methods my entire life. At times friends would have vapes that i would try, but never felt like they were consistent or worth the hassle. I tried Pax, MFLB, and other front runners but was always brought back to combusting due to its consistency.

Im getting older and making more health-based choices and started to notice how congested my lungs had been feeling. On reddit I came across a link to the B2 and was very fascinated. Id not seen a vaporizing method create such thick and consistent clouds. As a gear junkie i spent a few weeks looking up review and videos to see if it was all that it was cracked up to be.

Ive not owned my B1 for about a month and have not combusted my flower since... I hate to sound like an elitist, but combusting now even tastes gross to me.
- This allows way more control. It even brings out flavors of weed I had never experienced till now, as a lifetime smoker its been fun to rediscover a hobby through something like this.
- Its user friendly. It is so easy to take a hit, peak and see how brown it is, give it a stir, take another hit. It is seamless. As a newcomer to vaping this has been really helpful in helping me learn the nuance.
- Overall cleaner. My water pipe is obviously cleaner. I vaped 3 days a of weed in my water pipe and say minimal residue. I took ONE combustion hit and immediately saw brown tar on the glass.
- Feels better on the lungs. There is a slight tickle in the back of your throat while vaping but it is nowhere near the harsh and heavy feeling my lungs used to get after a hit of combusting.

I am looking for constructive feedback to give the team and the points i have are so minimal that they are not worth the mention.

All in all it is a great experience and I am very happy I purchased. Thanks a ton to the team who made it possible. All the education videos and info on the website were my selling point.

Game Changer

After 12 years of combusting bud through a bongs and pipes i decided to start vaping for better lung health. i started with a handheld vape which was alright. but i needed something that could replicate big hits so i could actually get strong effects. switched to this and it changed everything about how i consume bud. i can take huge hits, not cough and get absolutely wrecked. my lungs feel phenomenal just after a few days. no more tar. This thing is worth every penny. I got this b1 standard with 4mm rubies and as an everyday user i will use this device until it stops working.

The best medicinal flower extraction method!

I medicate with cannabis to soothe joint pain, alleviate anxiety, and improve focus. But I was noticing that combusting the herb left my lungs feeling a bit sore. I thought, “There must be some way to make this less harsh.” So I did some research.

And that research led me to Cannabis Hardware. After using the FlowerPot B1 for two weeks, here are my thoughts:

1. Setup is quick and intuitive.
2. First bowl: I immediately realize that I can taste the flower more than when combusting. I realize that now I can taste a clear flavor profile for each strain.
3. I find that for my morning/evening session - I now exclusively reach for the FlowerPot. I have little desire to combust.
4. Versatility - this is something that I’ve enjoyed quite a bit. If I’m feeling like taking my time, I’ll go in at 590/600°F, puff for a bit, then raise it to around 630/650. This way the extraction process is a bit slower.
5. Hits from the B1 are similar to dabbing concentrates - incredibly terpy, with an immediate, strong effect. This in particular is helpful when it comes to alleviating pain.

Conclusion: I couldn’t be happier with the FlowerPot B1!

best vaporizer you can buy/ endgame-great customer service-Made in the USA

This vaporizer is the best out of 10+I’ve bought, better than the volcano. It utilizes grade 2 titanium, ruby terp pearls, and a heater coil. The way this product is designed is very durable and long lasting. I have had many vaporizers such as the volcano, dynavap, arizer air, pax, anvil, and none of them compare to the flowerpot b1. The easiest and most fitting way to describe hitting the b1 is like taking taking a solventless full spectrum dab; it is stripping the plant material of most of its canabanoids and leaving the plant material behind, giving you a solventless dab like experience while skipping the extraction process of making concentrates. Its design utilizes no plastic o rings, or any plastic in the airpath unlike all other vaporizers mentioned. All of this along with the exceptional customer service makes recommending buying this device a no brainer. If you are on the edge because of the price point, I highly recommend you get this device as after buying multiple devices mentioned above and being disappointed by the experience, this device bit the best functioning vaporizer on the market, and it’s durable design will last for decades I believe! I haven’t combusted for a while thanks to the flowerpot, and occasionally when I do I notice it’s a lot harsher on my throat and lungs. The health aspect of not ingesting tar, smoke, etc is another reason why I highly recommend getting this.

Thank you for the kind review! We hope you get many many years of joy out of your new unit!

B1 or Nothing

I have entirely quit smoking since picking up my B1 and have not looked back since. This is my daily driver go to and has greatly assisted in medicating efficiently, taking less time and less material. While also improving my lung health drastically. While I always seek the one and done but experience, this meets all my needs and packs a punch! I am able to take full rips and clear bowls in a single hit with ease with the B1 airflow. Certainly one of the best purchase I have made!