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2" x 10" Rosin Press Mesh Bags
2" x 10" Rosin Press Mesh Bags
2" x 10" Rosin Press Mesh Bags

2" x 10" Rosin Press - Mesh Bags (Choose Micron)

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Introducing our premium 2" x 10" mesh bags, meticulously crafted to enhance your rosin pressing experience. Tailored to perfectly fit the 3" x 10" rosin press plates and the 3" x 10" pre-press mold, these bags are a game-changer for your extraction process.

Crafted from super strong nylon, these bags are built to withstand the rigors of extraction, ensuring durability and reliability. With seams expertly placed on the inside, you can trust in their strength and resilience. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, these rosin press bags are designed to meet your needs.

Each pack contains 10 meticulously crafted press bags, offering you a consistent and reliable supply. Choose from our 120 micron or 25 micron options, tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you prefer a finer or coarser extraction, we have you covered.

Experience the difference with our premium mesh bags. Elevate your extraction game and unlock the full potential of your rosin press. Join countless professionals and enthusiasts who have trusted our products to deliver exceptional results. Upgrade to our premium rosin press mesh bags and take your extraction process to the next level. 

  • Made ouf of super strong nylon.
  • 10 Pack
  • 120 Micron or 25 Micron