Hello, we are Cannabis Hardware, a small team of cannabis enthusiasts on a relentless pursuit to improve our personal experiences with cannabis. Our diverse team is composed of engineers, machinists, and marketers who have united in order to provide unique solutions for century old problems with smoking marijuana. For over a decade we have been manufacturing innovative products that have shaped the cannabis industry. 

Our CNC shop, named Custom Instruments, opened its doors in 2005 in Boynton Beach Florida. Back then we specialized in titanium spine implants for the orthopedic industry. In 2009, we shifted directions to focus on titanium domeless nails and the company NewVape was born. NewVape grew to be a well known and respected company in the cannabis industry. Our product line evolved to include dry herb and concentrate vaporizers, rosin presses, and smoking accessories. In 2021, we changed our name from NewVape to Cannabis Hardware. We believe that the name more accurately describes the products we manufacture and the direction that we wish for our company to go.

At Cannabis Hardware we are determined to sell the best products available on the market. 

We accomplish this goal by: 

  1. Using the highest quality materials 
  2. Constantly improving our products 
  3. Providing first-class customer service

All of our titanium products are machined using certified grade 2 titanium (link to certification). We manufacture our products in house, in Boynton Beach Florida. Our team has extensive machining experience and we pay close attention to detail throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our standards allow for the safest vaporization of cannabis on the market. 

At Cannabis Hardware, we never stop innovating. Our CEO Edwyn Pyron initially designed our famous FlowerPot Vaporizer a decade ago for his wife. She was a long time cannabis smoker and he wanted for her to have a healthier experience by vaping instead. Over the years our team of engineers have improved the design of the FlowerPot. None of our products are ever finalized, our team believes that in order to provide the best products to our customers we must continue to evolve our designs indefinitely. 

We are constantly looking to our customers for feedback. The ideas and opinions of our customers is crucial in shaping the products that we design and the direction that we take our company. We want to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied. If you have any questions, never hesitate to send us an email support@cannabishardware.com we look forward to hearing from you!

Cannabis Hardware
711 N Railroad Ave
Boynton Beach, FL 33435
Operating Hours
Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. (EST)