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The T-Bucket Banger 2.0 Assembly (7025)

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If you're on the hunt for an upgrade to your dabbing game, then the Best-In-Class T-Bucket Banger 2.0 is the perfect solution for you! This dab rig is the ultimate solution for all your dabbing needs. Additionally, its revolutionary design is crafted from Certified Grade 2 Titanium, which ensures its durability and long-lasting use.

Moreover, the T-Bucket Banger 2.0 boasts a modular design that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. In addition to that, the deep bucket can easily hold your favorite 30mm Sic or Sapphire dish. This dab rig provides you with ample space to enjoy your favorite concentrates.

But that's not all! The T-Bucket Banger 2.0 features adjustable joints, ensuring that it always stays level and providing you with a seamless dabbing experience. Additionally, its compatibility with all flat coil enail systems means you won't have to worry about any compatibility issues.

So, whether you prefer the Banger Only (no joint connection), 14mm Male connection, or 18.8 Male Connection, this dab rig has you covered. Furthermore, its revolutionary design is expertly crafted from Certified Grade 2 Titanium, ensuring exceptional durability and long-lasting use.

Upgrade your dab rig today with the T-Bucket Banger 2.0 and take your dabbing experience to the next level!

Dish and Carb Cap sold separately.

Safety Instructions:


  • DO NOT use product for burn offs.
  • DO NOT use above 700 degrees.
  • DO NOT leave unattended.
  • ALWAYS use on hard, flat, level surface.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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David Dranchuk

I really like this. It looks great and works great

It doesn't get any better than this! T-Bucket Banger 2.0!!!

End Game Concentrate Titanium Banger right here! Purchased in Feb of 23 and used about a dozen times with live sauce, badder and shatter so far and I'm absolutely in love! Using the SIC dish currently and the flavor is still on par with industry standard enails with quartz bangers! I didn't know how much of a difference the 30mm dish made in comparison to the very small dabbing moat provided by the 28mm SIC and Sapphire dishes for the B2 head. Much easier to dab with this and I don't have to be so careful that I have to worry about it dripping down the side like I do with the B2 if I don't get it right inside the dish. Don't get me wrong, I love my B2 but will only use it for Double Decker Dabs and Flower since purchasing the superior T-Bucket. Looking forward to purchasing the Sapphire Dish when it releases again this April! I run it between 550F and 570F but 550F seems to be the sweet spot. Keeps joint fairly cool since it's so far away from it and I love how easy it is to disassemble and clean thanks to not having any threads in the vapor path. You can even adjust the joints of the Titanium assembly to use on a beaker bong if desired! If you got a 45 degree joint, it's no problem! The new universal carb cap (2 holes) works great with this to reduce the internal pressure and create some milky, tasty and huge clouds! Old carb caps like the previous universal carb cap (1hole) designed for the Vrod also work and i'm still toying around with which one I like better, the 2 hole or 1 hole. If you are already as heavily invested in Cannabis Hardware's modular ecosystem of products as I am, you owe it to yourself to have the very best dabbing experience they provide without having to buy the T-Bucket Pro! If you love concentrates, you got to have this!

Renato Rodriguez, @thestonerchefone

I waited for three years before I bought the Tbucket. THis is the best ever you can use for your dabs. No waste, easy to clean, beautiful anesthetics, awesome performance. End game. Get rid of your quartz bangers, caps, temp gun AND that torch.THey will all be laying around once you get the bucket.
I invested a lot on american quartz bangers that I will sell all now due to the bucket.
You will never regret forking out all that dough you paid once you own the bucket.

puddle sesh

drop in a blob, set it to something between 500-600 on the auber, pop on your biggest cap, and shred it!

surfs up 🤙

update to original review

Couple things...
there is no spinning or flipping going on once it gets gummed up. You either need to pull the dish straight out with something sticky on the tip of your finger or remove the whole thing from the bubbler and flip it over. Usually to get the dish out of the bucket you have to scrape the crud off around the area where the tube meets the bucket. I use my fingernail.