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Solventless extraction, also known as Dabs, is becoming increasingly popular nationwide. This innovative method allows for the extraction of pure and aromatic cannabis oils without the use of harmful solvents, making it a safer option. The revolutionary rosin press now allows cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy a super-flavorful concentrate without compromising on taste or quality. At Cannabis Hardware, we are passionate about our weed presses and have perfected our extraction process through years of experimentation and research.

Initially, we played around with hair straighteners to extract the purest and most aromatic cannabis oils. Afterward, we designed and built the most advanced and high-quality rosin press tools in the industry. In other words, our highly advanced weed press uses heat and pressure to extract the oils from your preferred cannabis. Although, unlike traditional extraction methods, our solventless extraction method guarantees that you'll receive the purest and most flavorful extracts without any harmful solvents.

Cannabis Hardware's Press is the perfect solution for extracting oils from your favorite herbs. With advanced features like digital temperature control and adjustable pressure, you can enjoy the purest and most aromatic cannabis oils. Our rosin press frames are based on our stable cage design and upgraded components provide extra strength and stability. Designed to press well above 20 tons, our rosin press tools are engineered for precision and efficiency. 

We no longer accept credit card or Sezzle payments for rosin press purchases; any orders made with these payment methods will be cancelled and refunded.

If you want to buy a CH Rosin Press, you can choose to pay with a wire transfer or send us a check.


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