Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle
Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle
Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle
Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle
Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle
Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle
Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle
Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle
Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle
Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle
Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle

Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle

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The B-Zero head is the latest budget offering from Cannabis Hardware.

Inspired by the DIY spirit of the community, we drew inspiration from "secreagent" injector ball device based on CH's very own 18mm post, 

This device is bored through but it features two screen grooves to retain 3mm or 4mm ruby balls where the coil makes contact with the body. Efficient heating, Instant vapor. 

Recommended heat settings:

580F-Long draw/most flavor 

600F-Shorter draw/harsher hit

*This essentials bundle will ship pre assembled with 4mm Rubies. 

This bundle includes:

- B-Zero Head Assembly (7015)

- Injector Style Elev8 14mm (9426) or 18mm (9432) Glass Bowl

- Basic Threaded Stand Base (3438)

- Insulated Heat Post (3196)

- CH PID Controller (9089) or Auber Controller (9319)

- CH XLR Coil - (9322 - North America) or (9323 - International)


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
The B-ZERO is a must buy!

The B-ZERO works great and is a quality product. I use it every single day and I love it! It is my 1st dry herb vape and I have no intentions to ever smoke again. The glass bowl included works as intended but I did buy a different injector bowl with a built-in pass through adapter to help clear hits. The base is sturdy and I bought the heat shield to go with it. The CH controller is simple, easy to use and heats up fast. The B-ZERO itself the works great. I leave it on 600 and that seems to work the best for me. It produces big hits and works well on all my pieces. I am completely satisfied with it and I would buy it again.


Great tasting vapor, I can really feel the difference with my lungs and sense of smell. Much more enjoyable that just smoking in my opinion.


Great Product - Awkward Bowl

*Temp controller is very quick to heat (2-3m @ 635F), metal on cord; scary at 1st but thick to not burn hand, cord long enough (unkink before use to soften wires up [also helps heat faster]).
*Heat injector very sturdy built; rubies are *not* leaving that net unless you go to extremes.
*Injector stand prevents nearly all tip-over thanks to thick bottom lip of injector getting "caught" in stand.
*Glass bowl feels too thin, weird angled-down design when injector is straight cylinder. Bottom of bowl bulbs out leaving product unburnt on edges even w/ screen use. Bowl lacks a handle so had to buy o-rings from home depot and install them so I don't burn myself.
*Overall end-game product, glass bowl *really* needs a re-design though. Maybe I'm just biased as an engineer but it's worrisome. Took a whole point off of review for the bowl, but yeah otherwise very solid product.

Truly End-Game Vape - Accessories Lacking Though

Product is very sturdy and easy to use. At 650F temperatures, the handle is still relatively easy to grab on the e-nail coil, but *could* use a piece of silicone to make it safer to handle. The temperature control box heats up very fast and stays very steady-temperature in our Arizonan dry weather; taking less than 2 minutes to fully heat. The giant metal holding stand for the vape itself is very sturdy, and there is a small metal "lip" on the bottom of the vaporizer head itself - thus preventing it from falling out easily, even if you tip the metal stand over ~90 degrees (don't try this while it's hot to be safe, I tested this while it was off!).
As far as the vaporizer head itself, it performs beautifully. I barely have to pull any oxygen to get massive clouds of vapor, similar to an actual smoked single-hit bong "rip" as you stoners would call it. The mesh screens hold the rubies in very tightly and there's no feeling anything will come loosened or undone anytime soon. The size of the metal down-stem also ensures compatibility with a lot of other bowls (including even standard combustion bowls, and the thicker glass might even facilitate heat transfer better).
My only major problem, was with the actual glass bowl that comes in the kit. Considering how awesome the rest of the kit is, this single piece drags the WHOLE kit down a point in my review because it's just THAT bad (I could use more harsh words but I will remain civil in this review).
You *do not* design a glass bowl for vaporization that bulbs OUTWARDS at the bottom, which traps extra bits of your flower around the edge, preventing them from getting vaporized by the circular ray of heat boring down the chamber. Next, how the flying F*** do you forget to put a gosh-darned SLIDE HANDLE (y'know those glass stems that allow you to grab the glass bowl without FRYING YOUR F***ING HANDS) on the BOWL?!?
The bowl design is SO BAD in this regard I honestly wish I could get a refund for the ~$34 worth of my purchase that went towards this piece of absolute garbage-tier engineering. Whoever designed the glass bowl, PLEASE go back to college or art school and FINISH YOUR SCHOOLING before you ever design such a piece of trash again - you clearly have talent, so stop squandering it on garbage!
I'd rather buy the Freight Train's glass bowl because it HAS A FREAKIN' HANDLE!
Anyways, other than the garbage-tier glass bowl that's also super light thickness (except for the obtuse and useless bottom BULDGE that leaves your cannabis not fully vaped at the edges), the REST of the product is TOP-TIER and will be your LAST stop on purchasing vapes.
Just make sure you throw the Trash-Tier Soulless, Corporately-Mandated-Planned-Obsolescense-Yoink-Your-Cash-And-Run glass bowl and get a real bowl made by ACTUAL HUMANS from another company.


Michael Gauthier
Outstanding vapping experience

Product came fully assembled and ready to roll right out of the box. Really easy to use and you get outstanding hits.