FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)
FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)

FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle (8016)

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Your search is over - END GAME IS HERE

The Flowerpot is the Vaporizer commonly known as the "End Game Vaporizer" within the Cannabis Hardware market. The FlowerPot has been carefully engineered to give you the hardest vaporized "Bong Rips" in existence today. The design, the quality and the materials have been carefully chosen for an immaculate vapor path and has all the versatility you will ever need with its dual purpose, vaping flower and/or concentrates. 

The FlowerPot Vrod Premium Kit is carefully put together to give you the signature "FlowerPot Experience". This kit is a plug and play kit, just add your herb and concentrates!

The FlowerPot Vrod is the premiere desktop twax vaporizer.
  • SIC 28mm Dish for Massive Dabs
  • Vape Flower and Concentrates from the Same Rig
  • Everything You Need In One Bundle
  • Massive Airflow
  • Grade 2 Titanium 



  • Vrod Head Assembly (7003)
  • Universal Carb Cap with Insulated Scoop Dabber (7027)
  • Shovelhead Bowl Assembly (3097)
  • 14mm Post (3099)
  • Titanium 3/4" Screen - USA (3103)
  • NV Single PID Controller (9089) or Auber RDK300 (9319)
  • Enail Handle (2943)
  • Single PID Stand (3273) or Auber PID Stand (3329)
  • Heat Post with Insulator ver 3 (3196)
  • 14mm Super Slit Rig (9385)
  • 13" Laser Cut Foam Insert for 8016 (3120)
  • 13" Weather Proof Case (9200)
  • 3" Arm band Grinder - Black (3076)
  • 8" NV Logo Dab Mat (9380)
  • 20mm NV Coil (9322) 
  • Choice of Power Cord (9250-9251-9252-9253)

If you need help deciding between the NewVape PID Controller and the Auber Controller, HERE is this helpful article. 



FlowerPot VROD - Instruction Manual

FlowerPot VROD - Cleaning and Disassembly

NV Controller - QUICK START



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I love this vape but it needs work. First a bigger bowl would be nice. I'm not a "micro-doser" and don't intend to be one. Don't like that you have to stir the bowl after every hit. If you fill the bowl more the 1/4 of the way full you'll end up spilling weed when stirring it. I didn't pay for or want a "one-hitter". Paid over $800 for this so I'd expect it to hold more herb. If you machine a bigger(wider or deeper) bowl that would change my opinion of this. Another thing is you have to draw really slowly to get vapor and lower temps don't really work that well because you have to draw so slowly. There is air leaking when you vape it, you can hear it when you draw, especially if you go faster. It makes a "hissing" noise. A good vape will have an easier draw to to, you should be able to draw as slow or as fast as you want independent of the temperature used. I mean at any temp. Most people I see don't use it below 600 and that's because it doesn't really work below that temp because of the air leaks. It has great flavor at lower temps but like I said I can't go or no one can go that low because it just won't draw below 600 F. It's also very easy to burn yourself with the exposed coil. The new "heat shield" that is made for it doesn't do any good because it's only there when the device is on it's post. The heat shield needs to attach to the coil or cord itself so it's there when your actually using it and it's there if you accidently drop it while holding it your hand. Otherwise it's only protective when it's not in use.

The larger bowl suggestion has been logged and monitored for additional customer's interest. If it's decided that this idea is popular enough that we actually make a prototype this customer is first in line for r&d testing and a free part.

Thank you for the business and willingness to help us evolve our products.

The last desktop piece you will ever buy.

I was expecting a lot from this hardware and it delivered. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and now versus the performance delivered the money spent is an after thought. Everyone deserves the best so buy this and forget the rest , you'll thank yourself every time you use it as it passes the test.

0.1g does the trick and eventually enough used matter accumulates and then it's edibles time, Wow!

End game

I own a volcano and I can say that this set of hardware is truly a step above the legendary storz and bickel product. Flowerpot vape ftw, no waiting for bags to fill.

Daniel O.

First and foremost, what a product. Compared to the Ghost MV-1 which I was using, this blows it out of the water. A little pricey for what it essentially is but nevertheless well worth the investment. Secondly, the service from this company is second to none. Although there was a faulty piece when I received it, they managed to fix it the same day (luckily I live close by). I couldn’t recommend this company enough. Thanks again gents.

Vrod Premium Bundle

- Fast warmup
- Excellent build quality, I don’t think the flowerpot will soon break
- Modular design: you can add new pieces whenever you want, and when a single piece is broken there is no need to replace the whole vaporiser, just the individual piece
- Very easy to clean. I always thought the mighty (in combination with the dosing cups and a WPA adapter) was already quite easy to clean, but the FlowerPot is even more straightforward to clean (even allows for quick cleaning between consecutive bowls). They seem to fit nicely
- Airflow is great
- The e-nail can be fully adjusted to personal preferences: from micro-dosing bowls to quite large bowls, and from low temperatures to ‘very-close-to-combustion’ temperatures.

- Temperature setting is a bit tricky if you want to increase/decrease a lot. The temperature first increases/decreases very slowly, but suddenly it starts taking very large jumps (this is a minor issue, as most of the time you will be using the vaporiser in the same temperature range).
- There is a learning curve, it takes a while to find your optimal settings. But again, this is only a minor issue - and once found you can really enjoy the flavour/vapor.
- It takes a time for the temperature to get stable, even after performing the initial calibration. However, once stable, the temperature stays quite stable. Maybe some other controllers are faster at reaching a stable temperature, but I have no experience yet with other e-nail controllers.