The Evolution of the Flowerpot Ball Vapes

Ball Vape Cannabis Vaporizer

The Evolution of the Flowerpot Ball Vape

It has been a crazy couple of months since we started adding balls to the Vrod. I don't think that anyone was prepared for the shear power that would come from filling the Vrod head with rubies. That being said, we are continuing to be blown away by the performance upgrades that can be achieved from ball vapes

Here is the timeline for how the baller came to be. 

  1. Brod Mod- It all started with the initial b-rod mod featured on 420vapezone and the Cannabis Hardware discord. Customers began modifying their own vrods by filling them with rubies. Customers filled the inner chamber of the vrod from the top hole and then used a screen to block off the top near the nut. 
  2. Flowerpot Ball vape- Next came the Flowerpot Ball vape, this was a modified version of the Vrod diffuser which was hollowed out to hold rubies. Making the diffuser hollow on the inside allowed for the addition of about 60 4mm quartz balls. This new diffuser outshined both the original Vrod and the Brod Mod, sending the flowerpot to the top of the list for best performing desktop vaporizers of all time. 
  3. Flowerpot Screen Baller- We didn’t think it could get much better then the Flowerpot Baller but we were wrong. Next came the Screen Baller. This diffuser kept the same shape as the original baller diffuser but the machined bottom was replaced with a screen. This allowed for the use of smaller sized balls and made for a more even heating of the shovelhead bowl. 
  4. B2- The Screen Baller performed so well that we wanted to make it more than just an upgraded diffuser to the Vrod. Instead, we wanted to make the baller into its own ecosystem, and the B-2 was born. The B-2 has its own custom dish nut for holding balls. This allows for the maximum use of interior ball holding space. It also has its own custom carb cap with optimized performance, designed using crowdsourcing from our wonderful discord community. The Carb Cap is still in the prototyping phase. The B-2 head can be found under the Flowerpot section of the website. 
  5. B1 - The B-1 is a mix between the B-2 and the weedeater. This was designed for those looking to experience the power of a ball vape without the additional costs of using concentrates. The B-1 includes a custom screen diffuser and screen top nut. The B-1 can be found under the Flowerpot section of the website.
  6. The future- What comes next? We will continue to make attachments and additions to further improve our customers' experience with these vaporizers. You might see some machined titanium screen upgrades, maybe some different bowls and balls, the possibilities are endless. Make sure you are subscribed to our email and join our discord so that you don’t miss any limited edition upgrades that drop in the future. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Cannabis Hardware.

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