Whisper Wireless Enail Station
Zenleaf Heat Protector
Whisper Wireless Station with Temperature Controller
Whisper Wireless Station with Temperature Controller
Whisper Wireless Station
Whisper Wireless Enail Station
Whisper Wireless Enail Station

Whisper Wireless Enail Station (3489)

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Introducing Whisper, the smallest vaporizer in the ZenLeaf series. It's incredibly durable, made of aircraft aluminum, and perfect for those who want to enter the wireless community with minimal investment. It comes with two pockets that fit our flower diffusers and a 25mm banger. Simply plug in your existing enail controller into the back of the device. 

How to use: 

To enjoy a cord-free enail experience, try using the Whisper base. Here's how it works - simply insert your flower diffuser or 25mm quartz banger into the built-in coil and let it stay hot and ready until you're ready to use it. Once you're ready, you can enhance your vaping experience by using the Whisper base with your shovelhead bowl and bong. Also, you can reuse the flower diffuser multiple times.

Please note that Whisper Enail Station is proudly manufactured in Florida, USA, and comes with a 1-year warranty with each purchase.

  • 220v is available upon request. Please send an email to Support@CannabisHardware.com with your order number. 

All accessories are sold separately, including flower diffusers and bangers, as they are not included.

About ZenLeaf

The Zenleaf series - a new range of wireless enail Cannabis Vaporizers that cater to all your vaping needs. Whether you prefer dry herb or concentrates, we have you covered. The heat shielded base of the device contains a 25mm Axial coil that supplies heat. You can choose between "flower diffusers" or a standard 25mm quartz banger to enhance your vaping experience and enjoy the most flavorful vapor possible.

  • The allen tool size to reposition the heat shield is 5/64"

Safety Instructions:

DO NOT leave device unattended while on. 

* PID Controller not included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Josh G
Love the Whisper

The Whisper is awesome. Really liking the wireless setup. I have the mercury head. Great for dabs too. I like how the heat shield stays cool, and the coil is well protected. I like the whisper a lot. Works great with my NewVape/MaxVapor PID. It really works great.

Jared Smith
The End Game

Quality unsurpassed. This is the endgame desktop vaporizer. The wireless use with the Venus diffuser is next level!! Buy one you won’t be disappointed

Whisper Review

The wireless enail experience cannot be beaten. This is a game changer.

I love my Zen Leaf Whisper! Have had it for a few weeks now and previously used the old flowerpot Vrod as my daily driver. I used the old NewVape branded PID with the whisper that came with the Vrod, works flawlessly.

It comes to heat in just a couple minutes from cold, and heats up a banger in a minute or so. So simple and easy to use, just pop banger on the coil, wait a minute, put banger on rig and rip it! Can also put banger back on coil with oil still in the bucket for 15sec or so to finish off the dab if needed.

I'm running at 550f and it's just flawless. Such a great experience, and I would imagine this kit will last many years to come if not a lifetime. So simple, elegant, tidy on my desk and superbly functional and effective. Thanks CH you guys are killin it!

Paul Badger
Game changer

Going wireless with ball vapes is revolutionary, no more worrying about accidentally pulling the heater coil off your desk/coffee table/etc and starting a fire. New daily driver for sure.

The Wisper

I have been vaping at 500 degrees, so at least consider a lower temperature that the recommended 550. Clouds not quite as big but very smooth and still plenty of vape with a bit longer draw. My concern was how long the head would take to warm up. I use the device in different ways but the most common is to take a hit and put the head back on the coil. I can go pretty near continuously in this manner reheating for 15 seconds or so. I really like the handle without the wire and it's a nice convenience that was worth the money, but it IS expensive. I purchased the female head which I prefer over injectors. It's an A+ vape.