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Vaporizer SiC Balls

SiC Balls - CHOOSE SIZE (9425)

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Experience quick and efficient heating with SiC balls. Their thermal retention benefit is slightly superior to rubies, making the recovery time of our vaporizer heads almost non-existent. While it may compromise some flavor, the benefits of using SiC balls more than make up for it. Choose SiC balls for a superior vaporizing experience.

  • 3MM - Bag of around 200 pieces
  • 4MM - Bag of around 80 pieces

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Monster Balls

These things take the b-2 to the next level in terms of producing a larger hit. However you are trading off flavor, but it will leave your body going "Jesus Christ, this bong rips."

Turbo boost

Replaced 3mm rubies with 4mm SiC. This allowed for a smoother heat transfer resulting in better all around effectiveness.

Extra push

Wanting a little more heat retention and a smoother transfer, the 4mm sic balls made a favorable difference.

SIC balls 4mm

I would watch the temp fall on my Auber during a hit, sometimes as much as 40 degrees, and it started driving me nuts just looking at it. Plus I wondered if I was losing something. With the SiC balls the temp honestly rarely falls below the desired temperature at all and when it does, it’s only by a couple 3 degrees and like the description says, the recovery time is non existent. I would have to say I haven’t noticed even a slight drop off in flavor at all.

Daily user
Brutally honest

They’re SiC.
Queue the Curb theme song.