Universal Carb Cap - (7027) Handle Optional
Universal Carb Cap - (7027) Handle Optional
Universal Carb Cap - (7027) Handle Optional
Universal Carb Cap - (7027) Handle Optional

Universal Carb Cap - (7027) Handle Optional

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This newly designed Universal Carb Cap is the "Mother of all Carb Caps". It is made from Grade 2 Titanium and it is specifically designed to fit into all of Cannabis Hardware's vaporizer lines, including ALL Flowerpot V-Rod, Weedeater,T-Bucket/Tsunami, B1 and B2 heads and Banger set ups.

  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • 2 Air Holes
  • Fits Vrod, Weedeater, DCup T-Bucket, Tsunami, B1 and B2 heads
  • Optional Insulated Cocobolo Wood Handle
  • Made in the USA
  • Rev 2 started shipping 11/18/21 - fits B2 Nut

Universal Cap Rev 2 (3288)

Cocobolo Handle (9423)


***Carb caps are only intended to be installed for 30 - 40 sec intervals. Leaving the carb cap installed for additional time will cause the carb cap to heat up and be dangerous to touch.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Works great and looks great.

I originally had the dabber handle that came with the Vrod and I'm glad I upgraded to this, it works great!

I use to set my dabber on the spot on top of my controller case but I found it sometimes gummed up and would stick, my garage is my vaping station and temp is at 20C as i'm in a cold climate so it seems to stick more to the top of the controller.

Setting it in the hole in my stand(shown in photo) works perfect and I'm not sure if that hole is meant for that but it never sticks when set in there, seems it gets less surface contact than on the controller where the resin builds up on the carb cap.

Tom B.
Classy upgrade

Eds woodwork is always top notch for me. This handle is no exception. Nicely finished Cocobolo wood adds a nice touch of style to any accessory you put it on.

Spins the pearls

Glad I got the upgraded wooden handle. Looks and works great.

David Matheson
Wish it had horizontal handle

Horizontal handle ability would be really nice. Top only is kinda awkward. Also wish the wood handle (Ed's TnT) had a dab scoop end or ability to add one.

Needs a horizontal handle mount

Wish it worked like the deuce cap so the handle could be horizontal. Would be perfect then