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TBucket Banger Essentials Bundle
TBucket Banger Essentials Bundle
TBucket Banger Essentials Bundle
TBucket Banger Essentials Bundle
TBucket Banger Essentials Bundle
TBucket Banger Essentials Bundle
TBucket Banger Essentials Bundle
TBucket Banger Essentials Bundle

TBucket Banger Essentials Bundle

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Safety Instructions:

DO NOT use product for burn offs

DO NOT use above 700 degrees

DO NOT leave unattended

ALWAYS use on hard, flat, level surface.

T-BUCKET INFORMATION from Cannabis Hardware
  • 30mm SiC and Sapphire Dishes
  • One Way Vapor Path
  • Threadless Joint for leveling on angled glass rigs.

This bundle includes:

  • T-Bucket Banger Assembly (7025)
  • Universal Carb Cap with Cocobolo Handle (7027-CB)
  • 14mm Male Connection (3237)
  • 18.8mm Male Connection (3234)
  • 30mm NV SiC Dish (3232)
  • CH Single PID Controller (9089) or Auber RDK Controller (9319)
  • Flat Coil -  USA 110v (9371), INT 220v (9370)
  • US Power Cord (9250)

If you need help deciding between the NewVape PID Controller and the Auber Controller, HERE is this helpful article. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
You owe it to yourself to buy this nail

It's hard to put into words what went through my mind as I took my first rip of the TBucket. I've been using a CCA710 Liger Banger V3 for almost 10 years with a very simple 5 pin potentiometer as a PID and let me tell you, I've never found it lacking or failing to get me absolutely ripped. That trusty combination has been my pride and joy for the bulk of my dabbing career.

Until now.

I decided to treat myself this holiday season after teasing myself for the past few years staring at this fabled upgrade and my regret in not buying it sooner is CRUSHING.

Imagine believing you've achieved perfection only to find out you haven't even scratched the surface of GOOD.

The Cannabis Hardware TBucket paired with their CH PID has completely rearranged my worldview in one lung busting rip.

The flavor, volume, density, and every other adjective applicable to a cloud of vaporized cannabis had leveled up more than tenfold.

Not only can I take dabs four times the size of the dabs I could take before, but now I can take a dab half the size and have it STILL BE SATISFYING!

The included carb cap is surprisingly effective at spinning the 2x 5mm ruby terp pearls I tossed in, and the wooden handle offers some relaxing peace of mind after using a glass bubble vortex cap for the last few years.

The CH PID is easy to use and reached my desired temp of 650°f in just a few minutes.

The shipping was fast even over Thanksgiving and the application of bubble wrap was nothing short of artistry, resulting in my whole order arriving neatly arranged and thoroughly padded in an appropriately sized box (shout out Amazon for sending me a 5 pack of dab tools in a shoe box).

In summation I must emplore you to pull the trigger on this setup. If you're anything like me you've been oggling this thing, fantasizing about owning it, and it's time to make the fantasy a reality.

This is not a paid advertisement btw, I'm just THAT baked from ONE after work dab and very enthused about my new favorite toy. Also major points for having the box waiting for me when I got home.

Foster K.
Game changer!

This thing has changed my life! Before this I was using the dynavap and quartz bangers. This thing is so easy to use and so easy to clean and gets me wayyyy more medicated than any other way I have consumed with the exception of taking a good RSO. I love how you can control the temp perfectly and how fast it heats up and pretty much everything else about it!

Kevin F
Amazing product!

After using the t bucket for around a month now, I can confidently say that this is an amazing product! The build quality is unmatched and everything feels rock solid. I was hesitant to leave it on my glass all the time, but it stays nice and cool at the connection. Everything is easy to clean and maintain as well! Bottom line is, this is the end game for e-nails.