Stundenglass Silicone Whip (9427)

Stundenglass Silicone Whip (9427)

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Whip and Connection for Modular Pieces. Convert your Stundenglass Whip into the next mouthpiece for your modular rig!

Black wand, silicone hose and hose tip for Stundenglass Hookahs. Compatible with all gravity hookahs.



StundenGlass Whip (9427)




Customer Reviews

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Perfects my set up

The whip on my bubbler with the b2 and my set up is complete. No more slightly bending down to reach the mouthpiece. I can place the b2 diffuser onto my shovelhead, grab my whip, and hit from a distance.

James Griffin
Whip Heaven

Cadillac of whips!

Allen Menard
Excellent whip and high quality. It's like the Ferrari of whips to say the least.

Over the years I've mostly used medical grade tubing for my vaping and it would yellow quickly and look ugly and the end I used was a small stainless steel tube that fit in but after a couple of weeks it would loosen up.

So, I see this Stundenglass whip and I'm like "I need that!" and then I sent a message to Chris as to what glass I would use and he mentioned the GooRoo Designs HD 3 Piece bubbler but unfortunately he was out but he pointed me to GooRoo and they hooked me up and got one sent out.

This whip and the 3 Piece bubbler work awesome, my previous setup was some crappy glass with a silicone cap over the two inch mouth end and then I poked my whip through a small hole, it looked bad! Thanks again Chris for recommending this setup!