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Enail base for Stundenglass Gravity bong
3d printed with Insulator Heat post
shown with optional flowerpot enail ball vaporizer
features a XLR plug

Stundenglass Gravity Bong Enail Accessory stand (7046)

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 Quickly convert your Stundenglass Gravity Bong into a modern day Cannabis Ball Vaporizer.
This 3d printed housing includes the enail pid and xlr coil output. The base also features
a insulated area for adding a flowerpot heat post resulting in a enail Cannabis Vaporizer Stundenglass gravity bong weed vape. 

 Also referred to as the "Gravity Bong" is definitely a head turner and has caused waves for years in the industry. We feel this device is great in taking the guesswork out of the "draw speed" variable when using the flowerpot but it can also be used with the TBucket!This custom designed and printed stand allows you to integrate the the Stundenglass into your Flowerpot or Tbucket set up seamlessly

This item includes:

  • 3D Printed Base, 441g of PLA (3398-B)
  • PID Module (9389)
  • Prewired Rocker Power Switch with replaceable Fuse (9430)
  • Prewired 5 Pin XLR female connector. (9431)
  • Phenolic Insulators 
  • Screws for Plastic
  • Power Cord (9250)

*Does not include Heat shield or accessories. For reference only. 

**Items may have unique 3D Printed Anomalies. Cosmetic only. 

*Stundenglass Hookah, Heat Shield, Coil, Bowl and Head Assembly NOT INCLUDED

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