Pax Loading Tool (2774)
Pax Loading Tool (2774)

Pax Loading Tool (2774)

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  • Perfect for Pax or FlowerPot Loading
  • Aluminum
  • Roughly .1g Per Scoop
  • 3 Inch Total Length
  • Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

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Billy Pedrazzetti
Well made

This little tool works great. The end of the handle works perfectly to pack down the oven. Nicely machined.

A win

Nice tool, glad I purchased it.

Simple, to the point, and gets the job done quickly!

I wish I could write more about this little loading tool, but it's so simple and perfect that there's only three things that come to mind: it feels durable, the scoop fits right in the oven like a glove, and the tamper on the other end doesn't stick to my precious trichromes like glue (PAX multi-tool, I'm looking at you). Loading the PAX is a pleasure and a breeze now. It's pretty obvious that Cannabis Hardware thought this thing through. If you're already buying some of the other accessories on this site, throw this in your cart. You might like it.

Scott L
It’s alright

Just a scoop nothing better than the knock off for half the price but CH always delivers so better than buying anywhere else.


I bought this tool as a means to use my Pax 3 device for medical use more efficiently. In PA at least, one dose of medical cannabis in flower form is .1 grams. This tool not only makes filling any device far easier, it also helps me as a patient keep track of my personal consumption. This tool is great if your needs were similar to mine! Great machining, measurement is accurate ( I measured it out on my scale and it is very accurate. ) and precise. Thank you Cannabis Hardware I have now ordered everything I need to maximize my Pax 3. The oposite end of this tool is perfect for packing down bowls.