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wireless ball vape Mercury Female Flower Diffuser

Mercury Female Flower Diffuser (3518)

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Discover the Mercury wireless ball vape. A Female Flower Diffuser thats an essential addition to your ZenLeaf series enail station. Crafted from Lead-Free Grade 2 Titanium, this ball vape creates a seamless metal-to-metal connection to the bowl. This heats it instantly and delivering an unforgettable, potent, and flavorful experience.

The Mercury vape is the 2nd generation Zenleaf Flower Diffuser, designed to be cost-effective, efficient, and performance-driven. The air path is larger (3/4"), holding up to 240 x 3mm Rubies, twice as many as the Mary Diffuser. With 3/4" Mesh Screens or our new 3/4" Machined Screens and an I.D. C-Clip, assemble the Mercury effortlessly. The 10-24 thread is now a through hole, using less material to make the part. 

The extra rubies in this ball vape extract more efficiently, delivering a sedative and stony high. Compatible with the Cannabis Hardware Shovelhead Bowl and standard glass bowls, the ball vape has no wearable parts, making it a smart and long-lasting investment. With only hot air passing through, the diffuser doesn't need cleaning. The Mercury ships with 3mm Rubies only.

Experience the ultimate in flavor and performance with the Mercury ball vape, Female Flower Diffuser - order now.

  • Approximately 240-250 x 3mm rubies until full.  
  • Ships assembled unless the configuration does not allow it. 

Customer Reviews

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2 Snaps Up!

In the tradition of NV/CH diffusers, this is the new flagship. If you’ve had a CH diffuser before you know what you are getting, if not what you are getting is top notch!

Very powerful, very effective

I'm able to get tasty 🤤 one rip hits with it at 560-580. I've gone to 530 for some extra flavors. Guess it's time to add the Venus. 😅🤓 Works and looks great with the Moab!

Great Upgrade

Less expensive and more efficient than the Mary. I use mine at 570 on my Moab for a nice medium roast.