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Jane Male Flower Diffuser (3484)
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Jane Flower Diffuser

Jane Male Flower Diffuser (3484)

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Introducing the Jane Male Flower Diffuser - a Grade 2 Titanium device that upgrades your vaping experience. Experiment with different media and diameter balls to customize your vaping experience. The diffuser is compatible with any 18mm glass ball vape bowl and the Cannabis Hardware Shovelhead Bowl. Plus, since only hot air passes through the diffuser, cleaning is not required.

The 3mm or 4mm Rubies in the heart of the heater allow you to choose between increased air flow or slightly longer heat retention and flow resistance. The thread that attaches the handle is 10-24. Elevate your vaping experience with the Jane Male Flower Diffuser today!

  • Approximately 110-120 x 3mm rubies until full

Rev A - Added aluminum heat sink to avoid direct heat onto the wood handle. (9/28/23)

Rev B - Handle redesign includes double sided screw along with a solid handle. (1/10/24)

Customer Reviews

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Money Pit!

My experience! Bought the Nova, then Jane Diffuser all in Nov. 2023, it's end of Jan. I bought this because I use a glass bowl and not big on titanium bowls. I had countless emails with customer service to the point it seems they ignore you.

So, I had tems running in high 600F. Was bad made materials uneven cooks and too harsh because of temps near 650F. After lengthy emails I figured out maybe I need different sized pearls. Told them I'll try that see what happens.

I recommend not taking any advice from customer service. Not good, 5-6 emails later I figured on myself I had to buy different sized pearls. If you notice now they finally offer 4mm sized pearls cough...cough, your welcome folks. Hard complaining maybe got some results for other users.

So I removed their stupid bottom screen that is useless, $20 more screens, $20 for 4mm pearls as they only provide 3mm which doesn't work well as temps are way too high! Now guess what I also complained about the handle being way too hot! My handle broke! No reason at all a crack formed. I believe was a design flaw as we see the redesign in the handle with an added longer stem. Thus reducing heat on handle. My guess heat and cold expanded wood then shrunk eventually cracking on extreme heat as it was running way to hot to produce clouds. Remind you bought this in Nov. 2 months or month and half cracks now the wood handle is off and way too dangerous to use or hold!

I have had no one here at the company with any help! They leave you out to dry then as you read my last review blame you tell you it's not the system or our product. I beg to differ, if my handle breaks and now I have to pay what an additional $196 for the Mary Diffuser and buy an new bowl from you because may Jane Diffuser I can't use and have now bowl. So now I have to buy a new Diffuser and bowl just incase the glass bowl breaks.

So I replaced their screen with a normal thinner titanium screen. Theirs is too thick moves around and wasteful. I Can now fit more pearls in and get temps with mixing 4mm, 3mm and burying 1 6mm pearl. I get temps at 550-565F. But that cost me extra to accomplish this.

That's the thing, products work but not for the amount. You have to pay more money into it to get it working right. So figure $566 for Nova and Diffuser add an additional $50-75 to that because you will need to mix the pearls, new screen the one they give is crap, and you want the pearls tight not loose. They keep it loose so you can shake it if clogged. With normal screen won't be clogged no holes to clog...lol. plus you get an added row of 2 of pearls.

Take the advice from me trust me, been using their products long time. It's just a shame they the company has to use the customer for their mistakes or issues.

Hence money pit, sinking more money just to have it work properly, not right...plus no help from them

Michael Gloeckler
Customer Service Not Good

Honestly I have no idea why they make this device without the bottom to screw off. This way we customers can screw off to change to the different adapter so we don't have to spend another $200 on a hammer for using a different bowl! Shame on you guys, we all have different bowls why not make the adapter from male to female! A simple screw off.

I had to take 15 3mm pearls out permanently. Then bury a 6mm pearl have 15 less 3mm pearls, that's fine, but I had to go through 4-5 lengthy emails because I was pumping over 600F to heat the hammer. I was at 625-50F just to get some decent clouds with bowl size of .5g. and the hits were harsh with heat. If I went lower temps no clouds and anything lower than .4g on 600F lacking any clouds. Plus I would have materials left still green in it (wasn't cooking right, not even cook).

Long story short the customer service rep "Chris" which I recommend never dealing with was rude and as I poured the issues out I was having he basically stated it was not the product. The representative also stated he heard no one using it at Temps over 550F, I sent him 2 links of YouTube reviews stating Temps were at 590-600F. Then stating oh well I mean 4 of the people who test it here in the office. Then states we just had a show where we were pumping it at 600F, this was in like the 3rd email they sent. I have the emails to prove all this so I'm saying watch out! They feel the customer must be wrong...lol.

This product has so much potential but the custom service rep I dealt with, not good!

He asks why did you buy this? I'm like are you trying to not have my sale...lol.

Anyway, it works, after the 5th email last thing in email try adjusting the pearls! I'm like why didn't you say this 1st SMH...I'm at about 565-585F with adding the 6mm pearls (which is my recommendation to all not theres!). Put the 6mm pearl more on the top not bottom but bury it under the 3mm pearls. So this is the product not the customer as the pearls need to have more variety in shape so the heat can retain better. As of now, with the adjustment I'm OK with it at 565-585F with .4-5g. I get much better even cooks, no green but if I want to micro dose say .2 bowl just for say wakenbake I have to adjust it to 600-610F. That's much better than raising it to over 650F for micro dosing where at those higher Temps its too harsh.

Hope this helps all!

If you buy, you will have to adjust the pearls to get better Temps and flavor. I use a glass bowl, I used several different types. I also was getting fluctuating Temps. When putting hammer on and I set it at say 600F the Temps would rise to 625F and slowly rise topping at 635F. Then slowly lower to 595 when set at 600F. As soon as I changed the pearls around messing with sizes the Temps were much more accurate, more flavor and worked at a better proficiency

I'd give this higher reviews but the customer service rep sucked! Took me frustration explaining the issues as he explained its not the machine or anything but my fault lol. Though they never suggested moving the pearls till after the fact and again the 6mm burying is my suggestion. When I bought the Bzero, I had 2 6mm pearls buried with about 125 3mm pearls give or take. I can run the Bzero at Temps of 550 with clouds all day long. I honestly forgot I did this with my Bzero so when he suggested moving the pearls around I thought about the idea from the Bzero.

Works much better, I'm going to but some 4mm and put one in to see if I can get better Temps and flavor.

As they do, they use us as the guinea pig while we waste money so they can get a finished product. I'd say they should mix the pearls up test it out try get better heat retention on the hammer. My opinion.

Love it

Very nice and built like a tank all the quality you would expect from CH. Don’t have to undo screws to change the filler material wish is really nice. Very happy with it.