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Injector Diffuser (3417)
Injector Diffuser (3417)
Injector Diffuser (3417)
Injector Diffuser (3417)

Injector Diffuser (3417)

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This item will ship with wrench flats. This listing does not include a screen, price has been adjusted. 

About the B Injector Diffuser

This diffuser opens the door to be able to use your flowerpot with an array of widely available glass bowls. 

The diffuser is a "B" style diffuser, so it can be filled with balls which increases the surface area the air must travel through before it hits your bowl. 

The 5/8" screen will sit in a groove where it will retain all the heating balls. 

This provides all the benefits of a ball vape in an "injector" style head. 

The size of the injector is based around our 18mm post, which will allow for it to work with a wide variety of bowls already available on the market.


- Will not work with Weedeater nut only. Needs a retaining screen. B1 nut is your solution for this. 


- Injector Diffuser (3417) 

- Rev A began shipping on 12/10/21

- Rev B began shipping 3/16/22, changed ID for manufacturing efficiency. Groove for 5/8" Screen as result. 

Customer Reviews

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Josh G
Liked a lot

Liked a lot. Still like original B-2 though. More of a body high with the B2 injector and a heady high with the B2 original. Was using new shovel head on both which I really like a lot. Great company, great Help. Thank you from a medical cannabis user.

Best Ever

I had the weedeater for a while, then the VROD. upgraded to the B1, awesome, really awesome. Then the injector with the elev8 bowl, even better.
You guys keep on pushing for the better, I will just keep on buying them!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I'm just in love on it

Game changer part.

Really love injector with multiple bowls.
Edstnt wood bowl is great. Only downside is ShovelHead Bowl doesn't fit injector. Otherwise I really like the injector platform. It's really cool of CH to just make upgrades rather than trying to make us buy a whole new vape like other companies would do.

Super top

J'ai plusieurs vapo personnel + ceux des potes que j'ai testé, mais dans cette configuration à condition de mettre le bol Herborizer, aucun autres vapo n'est au dessus du Flowerpot. Point important j'ai 2 amis qui avant toussaient trop avec le Flowerpot dans sa configuration originale car dans le passé ils ont fumés le tabac (emphysème). Maintenant avec ce système Injecteur + Rubis qui selon le nombre de perles permet de régler l'air-flow. Maintenant ils peuvent vaporiser sans tousser, je tenait à le signaler car c'est important.