Water Cooling Module (9444)
Water Cooling Module (9444)
Water Cooling Module (9444)

Water Cooling Module (9444)

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Introducing a new cooling system for the Flowerpot Pro. 

This glass modules are available in two varieties, one is a water piece and the other contains glycerin which can be frozen for that icy cooling effect. 

This unit has 18mm female joints on both ends of it to attach to the FPP and also any 18mm mouthpiece or whip you prefer. This really opens the doors for full customization of your experience. 

Add some of our female-to-female or male-to-male adapter to make custom attachments. 


Water Piece - 9444

*These rigs are handmade and may vary slightly from one piece to another. 

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful accessory!

Really helps making the vapor less irritating, and very easy to clean with alcohol, 10/10 highly recommend!

Steven Morlock
Must Have

Get the water cooling right away. It makes everything cooler.

Necessary Compliment

This adapter is such a necessary compliment to the stundenglass whip, and the glycerin cooling system. All 3 methods are great, and offer different upsides. I did not find that the water adapter and whip were very compatible. The water wound up entering the whip, and i hung it to dry it out. I use this with a GooRoo mouthpiece, but the one that CH sells is a lot cheaper and probably the best option. Hits really hard, noticeably cools down the vapor. I recommend running very hot water through it regularly to clean it out, and then putting it in the fridge. Best to put it on a plate or a paper towel, because it drips a bit.

Better pull than the growler

Broke the growler that was included, and was happy to find such an affordable replacement.
It's so good it's even better.

The pull is harder (more water), which I like, and the vapor ends up fuller yet cooler.

Great product, easy to clean (salt flakes+iso+a good shake), and make the pro even better. Combined it with the modular mouthpiece which then connects with the whip. Perfect!

Love this

I personally don’t love the experience the growler delivered, and am not a fan of whips in general. I pair this with the mouthpiece from my GooRoo Glass bong, and it’s a great pairing. I think the flavor is mor pronounced, and it definitely cools more as I can add more water to it than the growler, which allow me to run my temps a bit higher as well. For the money, this is a no brainer.