FlowerPot ShovelHead Bowl (7012)
FlowerPot ShovelHead Bowl (7012)

FlowerPot ShovelHead Bowl (7012)

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    • Works with FlowerPot heads 
    • Grade 2 Titanium 
    • Made in the USA
    • The Glass connections posts are extra. 
    • Includes 3/4" titanium screen 
    • Rev J Started shipping 1/17/22 (update for injector style diffusers)


3097 Shovelhead Bowl,

3085 Solid Handle or 9423 Cocobolo Handle

3103 3/4" USA Titanium Screen


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Upgrade complete.

This was the last piece I needed. Upgraded everything from my 2017 Flowerpot. Works great! Much bigger, fuller hits. The bowl is deeper than the old one too. I will continue to be a customer.

Good but could be great

The workmanship is of good quality it feels and works well, however the design could be improved upon by adding another internal groove to allow for a higher smaller load thus increasing the versatility of its function.

Jason Cornell
As advertised

I am impressed with the simplicity , form, and the function of this piece.

Josh G
Great bowl

Hey. Had to buy another bowl not even into 10 months of owning. It was because of the special wooden metal handle that I bought from NewVape broke off, and welded the bottom of the shovelhead bowl shut to the shovelhead top with the screw head. So had to bite the bullet and buy new, which is hard, but everything went great on buying and shipping. I hope handle on this one is better than the special edition wooden extended handle, but this really great company and a really good products. I just had bad luck with a handle, so do not tighten handle tight any more out of fear. It’s a pain, but keeps me from buying a whole new setup every time it breaks. Thank you for the kind people at cannabis hardware for fast shipping and service, and good products. Thanks.

Van Petty