Flowerpot Pro 3.2 (Flower-Only) Essentials |Cannabis Hardware
Flowerpot Pro 3.2 (Flower-Only) Essentials
Flowerpot Pro 3.2 (Flower-Only) Essentials
Flowerpot Pro 3.2 (Flower-Only) Essentials
Flowerpot Pro 3.2 (Flower-Only) Essentials
Flowerpot Pro 3.2 (Flower-Only) Essentials
Flowerpot Pro 3.2 (Flower-Only) Essentials
Flowerpot Pro 3.2 (Flower-Only) Essentials

Flowerpot Pro 3.2 (Flower-Only) Essentials

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Safety Instructions:

DO NOT use product for burn offs

DO NOT use above 700 degrees

DO NOT leave unattended

ALWAYS use on hard, flat, level surface.

The Flowerpot Pro our first all-in-one unit designed for you to get the most out of your flower and your concentrates. 

This product is not guaranteed to out perform any version of FlowerPot, TBucket, Tsunami but it is meant to provide a consolidated and safe cannabis station, with no clutter and the ability to be left on for extended periods of time. 

The unit spawned from what the Tsunami did for concentrates, it created a platform that was efficient, versatile and safe thanks to the in-house designed heat guard. 

The Flowerpot Pro takes the best elements of a built-in enail, the versatility of changing glass rigs and the best elements from the FlowerPot to deliver uncompromised flavor and exceptional extraction. 


- Made out of 6061 Billet Aluminum

- Adapters available for HydraTube type glass, Whip or available cooling modules. 

- Custom heater assembly exclusive to the Flowerpot Pro. 

- The FP Pro flower head is designed with B1 airflow in mind

- FP Pro Dual Purpose head is designed with B2 in mind. 

- 28mm Sic or Sapphire Dishes for great tasting dabs. 

- Proprietary scooper for loading flower (TCup)

- Built-in Enail Controller and 20mm Coil

- Heat Guard for safe, 24 hour use


  • FP Pro Device Housing and Electronics (3381)
  • FPP Glass adapter (3330)
  • FPP Flower-only Head Post (7050)
  • 3mm Ruby Balls (9422-3MM)
  • 18mm Banger connection (3234)
  • FP Pro Bowl with Cocobolo Handle and Screen (7016)
  • Stundenglass Whip (9427)
  • 18.8mm Glass Whip Adapter (9449)
  • 18.8mm Female to Female Adapter (9446)
  • Pipe Cleaner

Revision History

V1.0 - One Piece. Non Spring Bowl Assembly. January 2021

V2.0 - Two piece, Spring lift, Two post Assembly. July 2022

V3.0 - Four Post, January 2023

V3.1 - O-Ring Added to Bowl Plunger (Spring Assembly). March 2023 - Never shipped

V3.2 - Dual Purpose O-Ring Plunger Designed (o-ring is optional). Spring Shoulder  shortened. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
If I could only buy one,

This would be it. I've tried the volcano and frankly I like this one much better. To me this one is easier to use than the volcano and hits much harder. It's like hitting a bong but just vape, no disgusting smoke. I have V2.0 and I've never put concentrate in the top. If I want some concentrate I just put some in with the flower to keep things cleaner. Pull out the bowl fast enough after a hit and I've seen the concentrate boiling in the middle of the flower. I use a custom dynavap mix and a induction heater for on the go.

Rip City

Massive rips are the name of the game with this gorgeous, well built device. I took advantage of the 420 sale and finally purchased this after researching for a while. It is really an impressive looking vaporizer, and setup was easy. I recommend the video CH released on youtube almost a year ago, which shows the unboxing and setup. Setup is easy. I fill the bowl about halfway or less, and then stick it into the slot on the device. It is ready to rip immediately, as long as I've let the device warm up for a bit. I love the stundenglass whip. The vapor is silky smooth and the rips just hit. Be cautious at first, as I have a very high tolerance, but have found using this basically reset me to zero--I was getting that ripped from just a small pinch of herb. I also have used the water bubbler adapter and the glycerin cooling adapter. They're definitely worth adding to your setup. It is pricey, and is more or less the Bentley or Rolls of vaporizers. I have been using my Volcano Hybrid for four years exclusively (plus a Mighty+ when I'm on the go), but I am really glad I added the Flowerpot Pro to my stable. It is a really quick and efficient way to quickly get a great buzz going before going out for a hike or a lounge in the hammock. It is also a really nice piece of art to look at, and has a unique presence that friends and family find impressive when they come over for a session. It is a great conversation piece. If you can comfortably afford this, I highly recommend going for it. You end up using much less herb to get a much stronger high.

Joe S
Great Piece

Well worth the investment. No clutter with cables, dual purpose head makes it even better.