Hempwick Wrap Alum Enail Handle (2943)
Hempwick Wrap Alum Enail Handle (2943)

Hempwick Wrap Alum Enail Handle (2943)

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  • Keep Your Enail Handle Cool! 
  • Some Assembly Required 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Enail Coil Not Included 
  • Kit Includes 10' of Hempwick and Alum Handle Only

If you order the coil at the same time we will install the handle prior to shipment

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Erik Bodin

Feels great in the hands. Hemp wick was a little waxy at first but dryed out after a day. Was great after that. Fit well on my own pid coil. I did have to slightly modify my coil because it had an extra piece of rubber between the metal coil and the insulated wire ao I did have to trim that for the aluminum coil to fit correctly

Give your enail some love too!

Easy to use and put together. Looks nice, good grip. A little smaller than I thought it would be. Does not get hot whatsoever.

Side note: I am not a fan of sticky hemp wick..I went ahead and got some 1.5mm leather rope that works perfectly and looks a little nicer. Also, not a fan of the gap at the top, but it's not a deal breaker.

Necessary part

Gives better fingertip control. Stays cool. Looks cool.

Decent handle but could be better.

I bought this with the B-ZERO and it works as intended but I have a few critiques. It did come preassembled on the B-ZERO coil. The hempwick on the handle was okay but it had a slight sticky feel to it, so I removed it and used regular twine to wrap it instead. The handle itself did not come installed correctly and did not fit perfectly flush on the coil. There was a small gap between the 2 aluminum half's on the end of the handle where the coil sticks out. I disassembled it and put it back together so the coil fits in the handle better but the head the B-ZERO shifts about a millimeter to the left and right. Not a big deal. It doesn't affect anything. The handle does work well and I feel no heat from the coil while holding it.

Michael Gauthier
Great accessorie

Great option for your ball vape. Also, if the handle is ordered with your ball vape they will assemble it for you.