Hempwick Wrap Alum Enail Handle (2943)
Hempwick Wrap Alum Enail Handle (2943)

Hempwick Wrap Alum Enail Handle (2943)

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  • Keep Your Enail Handle Cool! 
  • Some Assembly Required 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Enail Coil Not Included 
  • Kit Includes 10' of Hempwick and Alum Handle Only

If you order the coil at the same time we will install the handle prior to shipment

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Customer Reviews

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The Best

Best Handle.
Love the wrap. 💚😎
Does not get warm even.
They even wrap it for you!
Quality Stuff. 😎

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Steven S
CH enail handle

I knew this was a must the first time I saw it. I have a BZero so I started small but plan on getting a B1 around 4/20. First off there aren’t many handles even available and those that are are garbage, ugly or overpriced. This handle is super functional and looks awesome! It’s so much easier to maneuver the injector head with this handle and for under $45?! A small 3” plastic one I saw was $74.99!!! The handle is super strong and durable like all CH’s beastly products. No brains to install, wrap the adhesive hemp wick and you’re set. Absolutely love this handle if you’re on the fence this handle makes the FP as great as it is.

@nicegl_ass IG
I wanted to do it for cheaper

I really tried to avoid buying this handle for the longest time. I kept telling myself I'll make a better one. Then my coil fell apart and it was too late. New coil+handle now my only regret is letting the first coil go without one until the braiding fell apart. The cord on my first cable is so ripped to shreds that the handle can't hold it together. When I thought I could save the coil, I had hemp wick tied around the braiding on the cable and pulling it to the handle. Tied so tight that it was constricting every individual wire. I'd take it out to get pictures but I still have some hopeless dream of reviving the coil somehow and I'm assuming that if I touch it at all without supplies and plans for repair, I'll lose the soldered connections from coil to wire and then it's really too much of a hassle for me. One wire is already loose (yellow wire. I'm assuming that's the ground wire because it still worked without it. Probably not good that I kept using it without that.)

Anyways all that to say save yourself some trouble, shredded cables, and heartache. Just buy the stupid handle. Yeah it's $40 but it immediately takes the jank feeling out of vaping from bongs. Seriously the difference between stock coil and these handles is something that can only be experienced. But I advise against that experience because as I learned the hard way, run it without a handle for too long and the fabric braiding keeping the wires protected just tears right at the end.




I like the handles a lot. so I got some for my other stuff too! 🤘