FlowerPot 5" Heat Stand and Debowler (7011)
FlowerPot 5" Heat Stand and Debowler (7011)
FlowerPot 5" Heat Stand and Debowler (7011)

FlowerPot 5" Heat Stand and Debowler (7011)

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  • 5" dia Aluminum
  • Compatible with all FlowerPot Attachments
  • Made in the USA
  • 4 Dabber Holes, fits loading tool
  • 2 shovelhead pockets one 14mm, one 18mm
  • 1.5" pockets fit "hangar" curved adapter
  • 9 Threaded (1/4 - 20) Holes
  • Rev B started shipping 3/22/22
  • Includes:
    • 5" Standard Safety Stand Base (3004)
    • Heat Post ver 3 (3196)
    • Debowler Spike (3105)
  • Other Parts Shown for Reference Only 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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keeps all my heads, bowl pieces in place. and i don't have to be looking for them. now the the line up i heads is growing we get an up with less small holes and more head and 18mm insert for the injector head and one for a glass bowl. other than that its amazing and cant complain. goes well with the heat shield.

Everything you need with no setup required

I needed a larger base as the wooden handle I use from iDRINKBLEACH made the smaller tip occasionally. Setup took less than 45 seconds after pulling out of the box.

Very well made

This is part of my daily setup and I used it with my ABV can which fits perfectly in the 3 inch round slot. Very well made and I can't imagine not having this.

Kane Moody

Machined beautifully and is super beefy. Nice feet on the bottom too that keep it raised from whatever surface you put it on. The stand disperses heat very well. It gets mildly warm at best near the coil stand.