Fine Grinder 3" - Titanium Grey (2726)
Fine Grinder 3" - Titanium Grey (2726)
Fine Grinder 3" - Titanium Grey (2726)
Fine Grinder 3" - Titanium Grey (2726)

Fine Grinder 3" - Titanium Grey (2726)

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Fine Grinder 3" Titanium Grey

  • 6061 Medical Grade Aluminium.
  • 2 Rare Earth Super Strong Magnets 
  • Produces Very Fine Grind (not for rolling)
  • 3.0" Inch Dia 
  • Machined in Florida
  • Clean with hot dish soap and firm brush
  • Optimized for Vaporizers

Customer Reviews

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Jerry Bowen
Old-timers opinion

Finally got my hands on a CH 3" fine grinder. I now understand what medical grade billet really means in terms of heft and overall quality. I'm happy with the smooth operation (even with sticky flower) and the consistent fine vape-ready grind. Not too fine for a spliff IMO, but consistent with no chunks that get thru my other grinder. Hit quality is better and it's now a pleasure to grind.

Ben F
Perfect Vape Grinder

This grinder gives the perfect material consistency for my B1 Vape and allows maximum airflow to my shovel head. By using this grinder I have dropped about 15-20 degrees and temperature and it has slightly increased airflow. This is the only grinder I use with my B1.

Fine Grinder

Fits in your hand beautifully and grinds as smooth as butter. Creates a light fluffy grind perfect for vaping. I’m older with arthritis and I love this grinder!

High quality grinder!!

I had a very popular name brand grinder for years. This one, by Cannabis Hardware, is miles beyond in quality. The thicker walls make it feel much more durable and the larger diameter makes it much easier to twist. You can also add silicon arm bands to this one to make the grip even better.

Mine is different than the one pictured, however. Which, aside from the sweet engraving, was it's main selling point for me. The beveled edge on the male part(the bottom half in picture three of their website) is not there on mine. I really wanted this feature. The one I got has a straight wall. The center post on the one I received is circular and not a star pattern, though I'm not sure that's a problem at all, just a difference I noticed.

The grind itself it effortless and the material comes out very fine. It's efficient and I like it a LOT.

Despite the differences in the one I received and the one pictured, I would HIGHLY recommend this grinder. To be fair, the two things I pointed out may not actually be a bad thing at all. I'm happy with my purchase.

Shreds into oblivion

No nonsense..Solid and well made (Could be a paperweight). Easy to use, smooth to grind and easy to keep clean. Chomps your buds into a very fine grind and kicks your flowerpot up a notch or two!

I recommend a tiny brush to get all the kief out as there isn't a 3rd chamber.