Flowerpot B1 "Standard" Head  - (7007)
Flowerpot B1 "Standard" Head  - (7007)
Flowerpot B1 "Standard" Head  - (7007)
Flowerpot B1 "Standard" Head  - (7007)
Flowerpot B1 "Standard" Head  - (7007)
Flowerpot B1 "Standard" Head  - (7007)
Flowerpot B1 "Standard" Head  - (7007)
Flowerpot B1 "Standard" Head  - (7007)

Flowerpot B1 "Standard" Head - (7007)

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- Grade 2 titanium

- Flower Only

- Coil not exposed, better heat sink. 

- Largest airflow column at 3/4"

- 22mm Diffuser accepts mesh or machined screens. 

- Houses 3mm or 4mm ruby balls. 

- Made in Boynton Beach, FL 

FlowerPot "B1" Baller Head Assembly

The B1 nut has a groove over the top of the threads to accommodate a 3/4" Titanium screen and therefore is optimized to work with the 22mm Screen Diffuser so the balls are secured inside the sub assembly.

You are now able to customize your experience by using different material balls that are widely available. (Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, SiC)

Using different size, shape, and material balls will change the flavor and performance of the head.

Safety Instructions:

DO NOT use product for burn offs

DO NOT use above 700 degrees

DO NOT leave unattended

ALWAYS use on hard, flat, level surface.



- 3MM Rubies (9422-3MM) - $30

- 4MM Rubies (9422-4MM) - $20

- Bundle Pricing for both Rubies (9422-BOTH) - $40


3MM - Bag of 12g. (11.2g fills up the Baller/Vrod top) (About 200 balls)

4MM - Bag of 11g (10.2g fills the Baller/Vrod top) (About 75 Balls)

B1 Head Assembly (7007):

- B-1 Nut (3227)

- 22mm Diffuser with Mesh Screen (3408)

B1 Injector Head Assembly (7009):

- B1 Nut (3227)

- Injector Diffuser with Mesh Screen (3417)

* 20mm Coil not included

**Rev D - Integrated Machined Screen shipped 9/1/23

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Effortless... Like Breathing!

I currently own two controllers(an OG NV and an Auber), a T bucket and the B2 Baller Head with Sapphire Dish. I decided to pick up the B1 despite already owning the B2 because I was curious about the airflow. While the main differences between the B1 and B2 are mainly the fact that the B2 does concentrates as well while the B1 is for flower only, the real differences as far as performance is concerned is the AirFlow. The B1 has much more airy draw.. effortless.. almost like breathing. I can literally rip this as hard as I want which is a stark contrast to my B2. I have the 4mm rubies in the B1 and 3mm in the B2. With this set up, I'm getting the most resistance in airflow with the B2 and the least with the B1. I also plan on mixing it up and swapping the rubies to experiment as well. All in all, I'm really glad I purchased the B1 which gives me the ability of choice. Some people think the differences are too subtle to warrant the purchase if you already have one or the other but I'm really glad I did because the vapor just flows from the B1 and in full force too in comparison to the B2. Again, even despite owning the B2 already, I'm happy with my purchase! Thanks Cannabis Hardware!

Sweet upgrade from Weedeater

I've been using a Weedeater for a few years now. Pulled the trigger on upgrading, and I'm incredibly happy I did. Way less temp loss at a slightly lower setting with better performance. Would highly recommend.

FlowerPot B1 - The Quintessential Cannabis Extraction Method

I’ve been counting down the days until this package arrived - and folks… it just came in today! Here is a summary of my experience with the FlowerPot B1:

Unboxing: I open the box to find the heater coil, titanium casing, stand, Auber RDK Controller, ruby balls, Shovelhead bowl, and 14/18mm posts.

Assembly: I drop the 14mm post in my glass piece, place the Shovelhead bowl on top, and screw the handle in. I finely grind up some bud, and place it in the bowl. Lastly, I plug in the Auber controller, and set it to a starting temp of 490.

First Experience: I place the heater on the bowl, wait for 10s and slowly inhale. I feel no burning in my lungs, and when I exhale - I immediately taste a lot of flavor. I smile. The heater is still resting on the coil, so I take another puff. My eyelids feel heavy and I feel a wave of anxiety go away. No lung discomfort. Feels quite similar to a dab of concentrate.

My wife’s perspective: “It’s really smooth and nice, but I feel like they’re just like this connection with the throat-burny feeling that I miss. So in that aspect, it’s good but different. The high feels the same as combusting.”

Matt B
Worth the upgrade

Just upgraded from the VROD to the B1 with 3mm rubies and was able to reduce my temperature by a whopping 70 degrees. Better flavor and stronger, more evenly distributed hits with a slightly slower recovery time between hits. Definitely recommend this upgrade if you haven't already. The only downside is if you drop the head and the rubies spill out, your session will be brought to an abrupt end. Do not drop or overfill the device!

Heavy hitter with great flavor.

I built a whole bundle and got a great deal on the 4/20 sale. And after a week of use I'm honestly impressed. Been vaping for about 10 years now started of with the volcano, herbalizer, grasshopper, airizer and the dynavap. At 680-700 it beats them all In vapor production. If you're a cloud chaser like myself this is for you. I've tried as low as 580 and you still get great vapor production. I've tried it with about 1/2 a dynavap hit up to 3 full. Still performs. This thing is a weed eater. You can clear a bowl in one hit. As far as flavor goes it's going to be hard to beat. In my opinion only vape that I've tried that has tasted better is the herbalizer. Overall I'd give this thing a 10/10 can't beat massive clouds of tasty vapor.