18.8mm FlowerPot "Standard" Glass Bowl (9306)
18.8mm FlowerPot "Standard" Glass Bowl (9306)
18.8mm FlowerPot "Standard" Glass Bowl (9306)
18.8mm FlowerPot "Standard" Glass Bowl (9306)

18.8mm FlowerPot "Standard" Glass Bowl (9306)

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  • 18.8 mm Male Body
  • For Flowerpot Heads with the 22mm Standard Diffuser.
  • Outside Diameter of Bowl .865"
  • Depth of Bowl .50"
  • Fits 18.8mm Female Glass
  • Hand Crafted from Borosilicate 3.3
  • Has glass Screen
  • No warranty on glass products. 
  • Ti mesh screen not included
  • Import

 * These products are hand-made and therefore, a certain degree of inconsistency should be expected. 

glass bowl only. other parts in photos are for illustration purposes only. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bowl is great, customer service excellent.

Can't go wrong, flavor is great, looks nice. So far, only a few uses - but cleans really well, no clogging so far. Seems really durable.

Postal service never delivered or something, I don't really know - but, one email to customer support and they immediately resolved the issue in probably the fastest, and least tedious support interaction I think I've ever had.

All in all, can't really go wrong W/ cannabis hardware in my experience.

K j m
All glass

The all glass bowl gives you the best flavor and the smoothest vapor possible from your t.e.d

Better than the shovelhead bowl!

Highly recommend over the stock flowerpot bowl for a couple of reasons.

1. Glass = tasty! You can add a screen if you're worried about the little bits getting into your H2O..certainly not needed.
2. Completely free of air gaps. This was my biggest gripe with the shovelhead bowl. Due to the screw-on handle, it creates an air gap between the bowl and post, depleting your airflow by a bit. This glass bowl does not have that problem.
3. Easy to clean. Just run it under hot water and it's good to go!
4. Price. Can't go wrong for 12 bucks!

Neal C
Excellent bowl for my B1

Love this bowl. No screen needed. B1 standard head fits great. Fill the bowl a little or a lot. Let it heat soak for a minute, then rip away. I still dig my shovelhead, but I run these glass bowls at a lower temperature; I'm easily 20 degrees F below the temp for my Ti shovelhead. Super satisfied with the glass bowls.

Clark Dulhunty
Please Restock ASAP. Mine is broken

Glass is always easier 2 clean
than Metal
get one
when they restock
if you don't like combustion
or cancer
or dementia
or the deep state military industrial complex