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Glass Weed Bowl
Glass Weed Bowl
CH Glass Bowl
CH Glass Weed Bowl

14mm FlowerPot "Standard" Glass Bowl (9305)

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If you're looking for a high-quality glass weed bowl, this CH bowl is an excellent choice. This glass bowl fits a 14mm male body and seamlessly works with FlowerPot and Zenleaf Heads that have a 22mm standard diffuser.

This weed bowl has an outside diameter of 0.865 inches and a depth of 0.50 inches. This makes it the perfect size for 14mm female glass. The skilled craftsperson has handcrafted this vaping device using high-quality borosilicate 3.3 glass. This glass bowl features a built-in glass screen to provide a hassle-free vaping experience.

Please note that the product does not include a 5/8" Ti mesh screen and there is no warranty on the glass. As the product is handmade, you can expect a certain degree of inconsistency. Moreover, the glass is imported and of excellent quality.

  • Please note that the listing only includes the glass bowl. The photos are for illustrative purposes only and do not include any other components.

Customer Reviews

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dan ki
its pretty good

it works fine i jus wish it was a little more lvl at the top so the standard diffuser fits more snug but still worth an the taste is excellent

Better flavor! More fragile.

Handle broke when I tried to lift the bowl from my piece. Still useable though. This bowl allows you to taste the terpenes a little bit more clearly, but as other reviews have mentioned - it does not produce as much vapor as the titanium shovelhead bowl. I switch it up depending on my mood. If I could suggest anything - it would be to increase the thickness of the handle.

Better than the Shovelhead

If you got a shovelhead bowl and you’re tired of cleaning the screen then get you one of these. Much easier to clean, doesn’t clog. Just don’t let it slip out of your hand during its first wash and break it like I did 🤣

Garrison Veicht
Glass Bowls

Picked up both bowls (14mm and 18mm) to compare them to the titanium shovel head in different rigs. I wanted to see if the glass bowls provided more flavor than the titanium bowls. They both worked very well and I liked the fact that no screens were necessary (built in the bowls). Very little material made it through the holes and the glass was slick so that nothing stuck to it. Easy to use and easy to clean. I still like the titanium shovel head best because it hits harder. So, try glass if you want to taste everything from a new strain. It's still hard to beat the slap from the B1 and the titanium shovel head bowl.

Matt B
Different experience from shovelhead

The glass bowl provided a cleaner taste and more clear head based effects compared to the shovelhead bowl. However I also had to use a 25 degree higher temperature than the shovelhead to compensate for lack of conduction, creating a slightly harsher hit. The diffuser doesn't seem to fit as snugly on the glass bowl which I didn't enjoy. I dropped the glass bowl and the handle broke off but it still works totally fine. Overall, the shovelhead bowl seems to more closely mimic smoking in both vapor quality and effects while the glass bowl seems to represent the more classical vape experience. I'm leaning towards the shovelhead bowl at the moment due to ease of use and lower temperature needed. The glass bowl is worth trying. I bought with the 5/8" screen to prevent the holes from clogging and to allow easy cleanup.